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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 56

The whole crowd stood aback and observed carefully to see how
a mysterious snake would appear from an empty carton.

The hand of the macho dude got beneath the carton and suddenly he
made a screeching sound.
“Aaaaaaaahhh!!! The snake don bite my hand oo!” The macho
dude succumbed to his defeat as he disengaged his hand from
the carton. On seeing what has happened to him, everyone took
to their heels without actually seeing the snake.

Emeka and Chinedu were not left behind as they ran away with
usain bolt speed, after running for some reasonable distance they
halted and looked back to see the so-called magician and the
macho dude packing the voodoo materials and also running
away. The macho dude didn’t seemed like someone who was
bitten by a snake. Both the magician and the dude acted
suspicious but that was the least of their problems so they
walked away and continued their journey to the market.

The central market was a beehive of activities as people from a
works of life clouded the environ. People were in their respective
stalls for business activities. At the entrance of the market were
shop owners who owned computer business centres and others
selling video cassette.

Emeka remembered that he had not yet bought any cassette for
his portable dvd so he asked Chinedu to go inside the market to
buy the food stuffs while he brush over to buy some CD’s which
they were going to watch when they gets home.
Chinedu left him and walked inside the market. On his way
inside, butcher-men selling beef were beckoning on him to come
patronize their business but he ignored them prior to the fact that
he was a vegetarian whenever he was he school.

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Chinedu loves to eat meat alot but as a student one needed to
uphold the act of economizing instead of spending extravagantly.

The major items they needed to buy were: Rice, Beans, Melon-
seeds, Yams and most importantly garri. G4 is no doubt the
student most friendly food, it’s cheap and easy to prepare,
especially when it’s ganished with groundnut, sugar and
condensed milk. Garrium sulphate is good for both the old and
young, try it and thank me later.

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Chinedu had been walking about the broad central market and
what he kept seeing were people selling oil, tomatoes, okro etc,
he had to asked someone for directions since it was his first time
going to that particular market, the person showed him the place
where he was going to get what he was searching for then he left,
but not after he thanked the guy for his kind gesture.

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Chinedu got to the place where the food items were sold and
stopped at a shop, he ordered for what he needed and a lady who
was lactating a baby packaged everything for him into a
polythene bag. Chinedu then thrusted his hand into his right
pocket where he usually keeps his wallet and discovered that it
was missing, he thought his brain was playing pranks on him so
he kept the polythene bag aside and this time he searched the
both of his pockets but still could not find the wallet. That was
when it dawned on him that the fake magician and his partner in
crime had carted away with his wallet.

Chinedu felt the urge to start crying for foolishly losing his wallet
containing the sum of N11,000, his ATM and student ID card but
decided to hold himself strong, he was also glad that his phone
which he always kept in his left pocket was not stolen so he
brought out the phone and dialled Emeka’s number.
“Guy, wahala dey oo, begin dey come block4, central market.
You go see me for there.” Chinedu said immediately Emeka
picked the called.
“Wetin happen naw?” Emeka enquired, puzzled.
“Just dey come, no time to talk for phone.” Chinedu blurted.

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“Ok, i dey on my way now.” Emeka said and the phone went
Chinedu feigned a smile and told the lady that he was expecting
someone to come settle the bills. She had a clue of what was
happening so she was relaxed and then asked him to sit on a
bench while he waits for his saviour guest. The lady was
occasionally staring at Chinedu like she knew him from
somewhere but neither of them said a word to each other

Emeka got to block4 part of the market but could not find
Chinedu, he called his phone number and Chinedu waved at him
immediately he answered the phone.

He walked towards the direction to know what was happening,
he got there and immediately his eyes contracted with that of the
seller Emeka stood still like someone who was struck by

She was Amaka.

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