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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 55

Getting admitted into the university is everyones dream. In
Nigeria, it is believed that if you don’t go to a university then
you’re nobody in the society, but that’s not true. However, people
go to school for different reasons: Some go because others are
going. Some go because they’re tired of staying at home. Some
go because it’s an avenue to explore their ‘player’ tactics and
Bleep many pussi. Some go because they want to become
leaders of some fellowship. Some go because they want to have
a degree and become great in future. Finally, have you ever
asked yourself, why are you/do you want to go to a university?


They say time flies and in the speed of light UNN had began a
new semester. Both the old and newly admitted students were
asked to resume school according to the time-table slated for
another academic session. Emeka had talked to his parents
about it, and they agreed that he will be living with Chinedu. Of
course he had to pay half of the house rent.

Preparations started
and Emeka bought some new clothes, a bigger luggage, an
electric cooker, a portable DVD etc. Chinedu began working hard
at home to bribe his mother in order to get back his laptop.

Mr. Chukwuemeka drove the both of them to school the next day
and also gave them some cash money before he left. Some other
occupant of Five star lodge had already resumed and were seen
doing some chores as they exchanged greetings. Before they
entered their room Emeka walked to Room7 and peeped through
the transparent window and discovered that the room was empty,
he shook his head in pity for Lizzy and Chinyere and then walked
back to Room6. On getting there the door was already opened so
he entered and saw Chinedu using a broom to remove spider-
webs on the ceiling, the room was a mess as they started

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About twenty minutes later, they were done maintaining the
room. They went to the bathroom one after the other to get
freshen up and then headed to the central market to buy food
stuffs, the location of the market was not far from the school so
they treked the distance.

On their way to the market they saw a group of people gathered
together forming a circle. Chinedu suggested they go check out
what was happening, Emeka obliged and they began to walk
towards the place. They got there and discovered that it was a
magician doing magic that had created a scene.

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“Una want make i bring out phone from this carton?” The
magician asked nobody in particular.
“Yessss!” The crowd screamed in unison, except Emeka and
“Ok, i go put this carved wood inside the carton and when i say
go, una go shout enter.” The magician said showing them the
carved wood and bending the carton upside down to signify that
it was empty.
“1…2…3, GO!!”
“Enteeerrrr!” The crowd shouted and the magician opened the
carton. Lo and Behold there was a brand new nokia touchlight
phone inside with its container.

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“Awwww!!!” The crowd exclaimed in amazement.
The magician then asked amongst the crowd who wanted to have
the phone but silence replied, he walked up to a man who should
be in his early 30s but he declined the offer, he attempted to give
the phone to a young lady but she quickly shifted backward, he
then walked up to Chinedu and asked him if he wanted the phone
but he also declined by shaking his head in disapproval.
“Ok. Since nobody want the phone i go give my younger brother
for house.” He said and kept the phone on a white cloth where he
kept his voodoo materials.
“Na blackberry we want, no be Nokia phone!” A lanky dude
shouted amidst the crowd.
“You be thief, Shey your papa go fit buy you blackberry!” The
magician fired back while the crowd bursted into laughter.
He proceeded to his next trick which involved someone putting
his hand into the carton to bring out a snake. Again, he emptied
the carton before the crowd and covered it with a white cloth. He
then closed his eyes and started saying some incantations.
“As all of una dey here so the snake already dey inside this
carton.” The magician blurted.

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“Ye! Aaaah! Hun! Heein!” The crowd said different kinds of
exclamations and some of them shifted backward, especially the
“Make una no fear, the snake no go bite you if you dey fear.” He
said, and this time some people were seen leaving the scene.
“I need somebody wey go volunteer to put e hand inside this
carton and bring out the snake.” He said bluntly, but nobody
agreed to be used as an experiment. Just then a macho dude
with a strong face walked forward and volunteered to render the
“You be correct guy, oya take this ring make you wear am.” He
said giving a ring to the guy. He also gave him a wink which was
kind of unusual.

Amidst fear and shivering the guy finally squatted and slowly
shove his hand into the carton.

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