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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 53

It’s a natural phenomenon for people to get mixed feelings when
they’re expecting something that means so much to them but
then they have no clue whatsoever if it’s going to favour them.
The mixed feeling someone gets when expecting an HIV test
result is the same feeling the person get when expecting a
crucial examination result, it causes commotion in the head.


Emeka shrugged in anxiety, his heart was beating 5x faster, he
sighed countless times to regan his normal state of mind. His
brain started doing a mental calculation of all the girls he had
nailed, his imagination swiftly flashed into a trance where he saw
himself being given an award for being the minister of ladies
affairs, even houdini could not beat his record. He concluded
that karma had caught up on him and there was no way he was
going to pass the exam.
“Seriously!” Emeka said.
“Yes, The result come out few minutes ago. You know say i be
telephone without wire.” Chinedu jokingly chipped in, oblivious of
Emeka present state. Actually, Chinedu was right, he always
knew first-hand verified informations about UNN, those who
knew him nicknamed him “the horses mouth.” perhaps he was
getting his source from a horse.

“Owk naw.. I go check am.” He said and the line went dead.


Emeka and Chinedu were off to a cyber cafe to check the
admission list, when the post-ume result came out he didn’t
checked it up untill the next day, he was very certain that there
was no possibility for a sinner like him to pass. It happened the
following day as he was surfing the internet, he had virtually
logged into all the sites he registered online and they all seemed
to be boring that day, he felt the urge to exit the browser and
sleep, just then the school portal started ringing in his head, he
could not ignored the thought so he finally logged into the school
“click here to check post-ume result!” was written in the left
extreme of his phone. He located the icon towards the link and
clicked on it. Another page opened almost immediately and he
was asked to input his jamb registration number into a blank
space which he did. Just then he saw his name bodly written
“Chukwuemeka Chidi Jeffery.” His passport was there and his
grade was 60.80. He jumped up and screamed in excitement, his
school departmental cut-off-mark was released few days ago
and law was placed at 55. He could not believe he was going to
get admitted despite his atrocities so he bursted into tears, tears
of joy rolled down his cheek. The first time he broke a resolution
he made to himself but this time a made a promise to God that
he’ll never sin again.

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Emeka later called Ella and informed her about the development,
she told him that she had checked for herself and she also
scored 60. Emeka was so happy for her until the line went dead.
But something didn’t seemed right about the way she said it so
Emeka decided to confirm by himself. Ella had once sent him her
jamb registration number on facebook to help confirm if her jamb
result was authentic. Emeka went to his facebook inbox and
copied the number, he pasted it on the school portal but Lo and
Behold, she scored 39. Ella wanted to study Banking and
Finance and she needed atleast 50 to become eligible for the
course. Hence, she failed woefully. But what Emeka did not
understand was why she would lie when we was still going to
find out anyway. It’s a normal thing for people to lie but one
should be able to lie with the brain not the yansh, if she had said
50 it would atleast be logically understandable.
Emeka and Chinedu had reached the cyber cafe which happened
to be the only cyber cafe around that area and the place was
filled to the brim with people who also came to check their
names in the admission list. The site broke down as a result of
high traffic of people checking at the same time which made it
inaccessible to check with a phone unless with a PC, personal
computer. Emeka would have checked it with Chinedu’s laptop
but it was under seize by his mother. When it got to Emeka’s
turn he called out his name for the computer operator to check
his status, In less than 3 seconds the page loaded and he was
finally admitted to study law, he just smiled and paid the guy his
fee of N100.
“How market?” Chinedu asked referring to his status as Emeka
walked back towards him.
“E pure!” Emeka replied, with a smile.

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Just then someone covered Emeka’s eyes from behind, Chinedu
saw the person but didn’t said anything. Emeka managed to
turned round and saw that the person was Sandra. You remember
sandra right? She was Amaka’s childhood friend who Emeka met
fetching water from a well when he first came searching for
Amaka. Emeka was suprised to see her as they exchanged
pleasantries. The cafe was noisy so the three of them went
outside to talk.

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