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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 52

After a long session of hot kisses, Bella finally retracted her lips from Emeka’s mouth, she also blew a kiss to the tip of her finger and placed it across his lips. Emeka was in wonderland as he could not believe the happenings before him, suddenly his J0yst!ck became turgid and strong.

Ella thrusted him by his shirt and dragged him towards her b0s0m, thereby leaning flat on the couch, she engaged Emeka in another hot round of kisses and pulling off his shirt at the same time. Emeka was lust in his thought as he purposely broke his resolution. In a split second he had mounted on Ella and removing his belt.

Immediately he opened his boxers, his J0yst!ck sprung up its ugly head while Ella bit her down lip in ecstasy. Emeka began to caress his J0yst!ck in a rapid succession just then it gushed out Pour while Ella reached her mouth towards it, the first chunk of Pour that came out fell to her b0s0m then she used her hand to collect the Pour and licked it. Emeka was not massaging it properly so Ella grabbed the J0yst!ck and began to do it by herself, her hands were soft and succulent as the J0yst!ck started pouring out Pour more rapidly, Ella wasen’t dulling as she made sure she licked every dropped of it.
Just then someone tapped Emeka on the back, it was Bella and she was completely unclad. Her features were far from the ordinary as Emeka opened his eyes in amazement. He had totally forgetten that she was in the sitting-room. Bella was biting a tip of her finger in a s*xy** way which took Emeka’s medula oblangata to a whole new level, he looked to Ella once again and she gave him another go-ahead. Emeka smirked as he retracted from Ella who was yet to go completely unclad. He moved closer to Bella and kissed her then retracted his lips, he kissed her again and also retracted his lips, he looked down to his john thomas and he was not wearing a condom, he ignored his thought as that wouldn’t be a barrier. He forcefully pushed Bella to the couch and grabbed both of her legs upward, he inserted his J0yst!ck inside her pussi and began to fvck her mercilessly, Bella was feeling the heat as she m0aned hysterically.

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Emeka fvcked the “isabe” out of her name and it was remaining “lla.” He then retracted from Bella and faced Ella, he formed a curve with her and began to yansh her with speed-bump style, Orezi must have sang that song “boody bounce” for them because Ella’s butt was bouncing like a disco freak twerking. Emeka was riding her as they drove to Europe, North America, Asia and then came back to Africa, Bella who was watching them s*x starved, moved closer for her turn but Emeka was still hot in the action so she went to his ear and started biting it sexyly.

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Bella succeeded in getting his attention as Emeka switched to man-on-top style and started kissing Bella and Fvcking Ella at the same time, it was a t’hreesome of life. They disengaged once again as Emeka stood up and this time he la!d flat on the sofa, Ella was sU-Cking his J0yst!ck while he was massaging Bella’s b0s0m. m0an!ngs clouded the atmosphere as they had gone into the third round and still counting.

Emeka stood up and bent Bella to the rug then grabbed her by the butt, they were both facing the same direction as he gave her with wheelbarrow position, Bella screamed cause she had not done that style before and it was causing pains to her palm, Ella was running out of patience then she began to self service herself, Emeka saw her and recalled that his hand had not perform that day so he dropped down Bella’s legs and crawl towards Ella, he placed a finger inside her pussi and began to spin it round, the finger was loosed inside so he made for two and then three, her pussi squirted and he started to lick the ovary.

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Right on the floor, he inserted his J0yst!ck into Ella’s pussi and nailed her with the most popular ‘missionary style. After fifty hits he removed his J0yst!ck and titfvcked her, Bella was eager for more so he did the please of fvcking her with the position ladies loved most, canine style.

Emeka loved adventure so he tried a style he once saw on an Indecency video, scissors style.

It’s the most dangerous of all cause he fvcked her as they wrapped themselves together. From scissors they moved to T-square position. Bella was no longer smiling as she rode Emeka with cowgirl position, they fvcked for approximately three hours. When they were done, they were sellling all wet and fvck so they made for the shower. They also fvcked in the bathroom for another thirty minutes before they called it quit. After the sexcapede, Emeka felt he was r’aped again.


Emeka was cleaning his fathers house when his phone began ringing, then he made for the phone.
“Hello!” He said.
“Guy, post-ume result don fallout o!” Chinedu blurted with a coarsed tone.
Emeka’s heart slipped ten beats

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