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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 51

Resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something.

Before every new year people make several resolutions of what
they want to stop doing or want they want to start doing at the
beginning of the year. Emeka made a decision to stop having s*x
but then it’s one thing to make a resolution and another thing to
succumbed to it.


A week before Emeka and his family relocated back to Enugu his
father had informed him beforehand and on hearing it, he was
very gleeful. The past three weeks for him living in Lagos had
been a living hell, not because of the weather condition but his
emotional psyche. When Folake left the picture it was as though
his whole world went along with her, he started developing a new
personality as he would always be indoors without going out,
Emeka was lonely all the time but he didn’t felt bothered. He had
never thought a time would come when his fvcking spree would
come to a halt, at first, he didn’t envisage he could stay a week
without nailing a girl or planning to nail one, but after his
resolution he discovered that he could actually do without having
s*x with every girl that crossed his path. Emeka sure wanted it
to remain that way, atleast after he had a new girlfriend. Alas! He
was leaving Lagos for good and going back to the place where he
belonged. Emeka thought about the people he should inform
before leaving but only Ella and Bella came to his mind, the
others had left him.
Just then he remembered he once promised to visit the twins
after the Dynamic Entertainment Fan groove event but he had not
been able to go because of his state of mind, then he decided
that he was going to see them that day, atleast, to make it up to
them. He picked up his phone from his bed and dialled Ella’s

“Praise the lord!” Ella said from the other end immediately she
answered the call.

“Why did you say so?” Emeka enquired, unsure.
“Errrm.. As you no remember me again wetin you say make i
talk. This one make you call me e be like say rain for fall today
oo!” Ella jokingly said speaking pidgin english. It’s funny how a
girl complains of a guy not calling her when she didn’t call
“Oya no vex naw, I dey somehow busy these day. But i wan
come visit you that’s why i dey call you now. Shey you go dey
house today?” He also replied her with pidgin.
“Yeah, Imma home throughout the day.” She said with phoné.
“Alright, When i get to your gate, I’ll call you. And don’t forget to
chain that cat.” Emeka jokingly said referring to the dog and
ended the call.
He took a bike as usual and headed for her house, Emeka would
always mount a bike everywhere he was going whether far or
near, he was that lazy to walk a long distance. When he got to
her house he dialled her number again and informed her that he
was at the gate, Ella swiftly rushed outside the gate in less than
ten seconds and she was so glad to see him. She was clad in a
provocative dress but for the first time in four weeks Emeka did
not felt lust after a girls appearance.
Ella walked Emeka into the compound and wrapped her arm
across his neck yet Emeka didn’t lust over her, it seemed his
J0yst!ck no longer had a mind of its own. They got to the door then
Bella sprung out of nowhere and jumped on Emeka’s body while
the three of them laughed.

“We missed you oo!” Bella said.
“I miss you guys too.” Emeka replied with a fake smile.
Bella refused to step down from Emeka’s body so he carried her
inside like that, that was a tipical Lizzy’s attitude. Emeka sat on
the couch and Ella shifted closer to him, she also wraped her arm
across his neck. Ella was caressing his head with her moulds
pressing hard on him while Bella was playing with his right ear
and her lap wraped across his pelvis, it was a double trouble.
Emeka was feeling uneasy and his ‘thing’ was getting awake
from slumber, he tried to divert their attention so he picked up a

“Where are your parents?” Emeka asked.
“Hmmm, Let’s just say we run this house.” Bella said pointing a
finger to herself and her sister.
“Actually, They’re not always at home so we got to do whatever
we like.” Ella said calmly.
“Any other question?” Bella asked non-chalately.
“Nahh, Not really. I just came to let you guys know that I’ll be
leaving town very soon.” Emeka said.
“Really! Where are you going to?” Ella asked.
“Actually, My family and I, are moving back to Enugu. The place
where we first stayed before coming here to Lagos.” Emeka
“A www.. I’ll really miss you.” Ella said.
“Me too oo!” Bella added.
“Muaaah!!” Ella planted a soft kiss on his wet lips.
“Clears throat, Could i kiss you too?” Bella asked pouting, while
Emeka looked at Ella and she gave him a good ahead look.
Bella leaned closer towards Emeka and gave him a passionate
kiss without retracting her lips from his.

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