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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 50


Home sweet home, no place like home, whether you like it or not
your hometown remains your first home. To and fro you go but
your home is your final destination. When you want the blessing
of unionship you must go to your home for special rites.
Eventhough you fly with the white man’s bird and petch on a
foreign land but when your skin transfrom to dust your kingsmen
still insist you be brought back home. You can’t run away from
home, not even in death.
Emeka and his family had since relocated back to Enugu, their
hometown. His father had completed the house he was building
and that became their permanent resident. The house which was
a 3-bed-room apartment was painted skyblue and it had a touch
of white. It could be defined as an epitome of a family house
cause they were living alone, it had enough space and a store at
the front of the house where his mother sells provision stuffs,
she was no longer a house wife but a working class lady.

Emeka had met with Chinedu several time since he came back
and they had been gallivating the town about. Varsities had gone
on break so Chinedu came back home to live with his parents,
it’s a norm that whenever schools go on break or about the go on
break the rate of crime is usually at the high side.

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perpetrators are not far fetch because they’re the students
studying in the school. The best time to sell or buy a stolen
phone in campus is when schools are about to go on break,
that’s when students need money badly to travel and do some
other things. The criminals are students and they know that
students don’t usually have money so they cart away with things
like phones, laptops, tv’s, expensive blanket and generators and
sell them. Sometimes they break into students’ lodge and hostel
even when they’re around, that’s because they’re not alone,
they’re armed.

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For the past one month Emeka had not heard from Folake, he
kept on calling her but she was not answering the phone, it got
to a time the phone was always switched off, Folake purposely
changed her phone number because of Emeka as she doesn’t
want to have anything to do with him again.

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Two days after her
arrest, Lisa got out from jail and she started sending Emeka
endless text messages of how she was going to treat his fvck up
by sending cultist to deal with him, Emeka knew they were empty
threats so he just let her ran her mouth. Monica also didn’t
disturbed Emeka again. Infact, the result of his weak e’rection
was not related to Monica in any way, he was solemnly
responsible as he kept fvcking any pussi that came his way like
s*x was food. Many a time Emeka had been trying to reach
Jennifer on phone but she doesn’t answer his calls, he would
send her sms but she wouldn’t reply, he was suprised when
Jennifer called him one day and gave him a stern warning never
to disturb her phone again as he was running her battery down,
she said she had moved on with her life and she now had a
boyfriend who wants to be with her for who she was and not
what she could offer. Emeka demanded to know if he had done
something wrong but she replied in the negative stating that she
only had a fling on him and she doesn’t need him anymore. Also,
Emeka deleted Aunty Bimbo’s number from his phone, it would
be foolish if he still had her number when checking his contact.

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It was a new beginning for him with set goals and agenda, Emeka
had learnt his lessons the hard way, love gave him a mighty blow
to his face and in life we always end up running back to the
things that dealt with us badly. he discovered that there was
nothing good in being a player and in the end of the day he was
either going to face his downfall or fall in love. He had a sister
too and he wouldn’t be happy if guys just come to fvck her and

Emeka had since decided not to have s*x with any girl who was
not his girlfriend up untill the day it happened.

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