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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 5



“Easy come, easy go,
That’s just how you live, oh
Take, take, take it all
But you never give
Should’ve know you was trouble
From the first kiss
Had your eyes wide open
Why were they open?”
Those were the lyrics of Bruno Mars’ grenade blaring hysterically
from Emeka’s phone. It was a beautiful saturday morning at
about 5:30am. Emeka was still deep in dreamland as he
reluctantly picked the call without checking the name of the
“Hello!” he said with a coarse tone.
“Mad man, you still dey sleep by this time?” the caller said from
the other end.
“Abeg, who i dey speak with?” Emeka enquired.

“Na me Chinedu naw, you nor save my number for phone?”
Chinedu asked interested.
“Oh! Sorry jor, i no look the name of the caller before i pick am,
how coal city dey?” Emeka asked trying to change the topic.
“We dey fine jare, but guy WAEC result don show o!” he added.
“Really!” Emeka exclaimed.
Chinedu was an internet freak, he could browse 24/7 so long the
necessary is available. Sometimes, he would skip classes just to
chat with his online friends since he had no friend. He was living
alone in school, he rented a self-contain apartment where he
lives off-campus. As usual he was surfing the internet with his
laptop computer that early morning when he saw the news on
that WAEC result was out, at first, he wanted to ignore it thinking
it was a jobless blogger looking for people to scam that posted it
online. He was convinced immediately he entered the site as
people started posting their result, it seemed alot of students
passed the exam.
“Yeah! I just saw the news online now” Chinedu switched to
“Okay, Thanks. I will log into WAEC website to check mine when
this call has ended.” he lamented.
“You better do so quickly before the site burn down due to high
traffic, only few students know that the result is out. I wish you
success” Chinedu prayed.
Emeka was not totally scared to Check his result because he was
pretty sure about what he wrote in the exam, but since he was
not the teachers who marked it and also he was not a prophet
who can foresee the outcome of a future event he was a little bit
“So have you been able to locate Amaka?” Emeka asked.
“No! Not at all. I heard they also parked out of the area they were
staying, that was not long after you guys moved to Lagos. I’m
currently at school though, varsities will soon be on break, when
i get home i’ll see what i can do” Chinedu narrated.

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“Ok, thanks.” Emeka said and ended the call, but not after
wearing a sad look.
Emeka had not seen nor heard from Amaka for 2years since he
lost contact with her. He was expecting that Chinedu would have
good news concerning Amaka this time around, that was the
tenth time he was asking Chinedu the same question since he
came back from school.
He quickly opened his phone browser and logged into the official
WAEC website, he typed his centre number into a blank space
where it was required, he moved to the next where he was
supposed to input the pin on his WAEC scratch card.
“Oh, s’hit!” he said out of frustration when he realised that he had
not yet bought the scratch card.
He dashed out of his room with rocket speed, Emeka got to the
corridor and met Chiwe. Little Chiwe who is now 4 year-old had
suddenly growned into a big girl.
“where is mummy?” he asked.
“she is still sleeping in her room” Chiwe replied him.
Emeka’s father had travelled to Abuja for an official police
meeting, he would be back the next day.
Emeka told his mother about the WAEC result, she was happy
even though she didn’t know whether the result will favour her
son. She then asked Emeka to go to her purse and collect the
money to purchase the scratch card.

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11:15am. Emeka came running home with excitement written
all-over his face. He had gone to print out his result from
Kaydee’s Cyber Cafe, the cafe is run by a graduate Kayode. He
decided to start up the business centre when Jobs were not forth
coming after he graduated from UNILAG four years ago.
N:B: UNILAG means “University of Lagos”
He finally got him to meet his mother and Aunty Bimbo gisting,
they were conversing in Yoruba dialet. Emeka’s mother could
speak yoruba but not perfectly, she is half Yoruba and half Igbo.
Her father hails from Awgu L.G.A in Enugu, while her mother is
from Ogbomosho south L.G.A in Oyo state. When she was born
her parents decided to name her Yetunde, a Yoruba name after
her mothers’s tribe.
Emeka got to where his mother and Aunty Bimbo were standing
and greeted, his mother could read the look on his face as he
handed over the result slip to her. She took the slip from Emeka
and scan through it while Aunty Bimbo watched.
“You passed all your papers!” she said stressing the passed.

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Emeka nodded in approval.

“C’mon, that’s my darling!, now come give me a hug” Aunty
Bimbo said smiling.
This is just the beginning of Gobe.

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