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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 49

A false accusation is worst than putting a bullet to
ones head, that’s because the person accused is
a good as dead. I know when you were young
your younger ones used to accuse you of
committing an offence and when daddy comes
back he would beat you mercilessly for what you
know nothing about. The worst thing you can do
to a stammerer is to accused him of doing
something he didn’t do, reason is he won’t be
able to talk properly in order to defend himself
and people will think he was lying. Hence, using
his condition to cover his flaws, don’t be suprised
when you see stammerers cry, it’s because false
accusations hurts badly than one can imagine.


Emeka was dumbfounded as he heard those
words escaped her mouth, although he had a
fling with Aunty Bimbo but they were never
dating. He could never date such an old-cargo.

Folake was matured enough to have intimacy so
seeing them having s*x was not a problem.
“Baby, it’s not true. We’re not dating.” Emeka

“Whoooah!! I hate youu! I hate youu! I hate
youuu!” Folake slapped him and bursted into
“Baby, I swear, i’m not her boyfriend.” Emeka
“Stop calling me baby, i’m not your mate!” Folake
shouted still on tears.

“Why are you lying to the poor girl? You asked me
to be your girlfriend and i agreed. The both of us
had kissed and had s*x three times, twice on this
bed and once in your house.” Aunty Bimbo
utilized all her anger to create and fat lie while
Folake looked at Emeka with disbelief.

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“Is it true?” Folake enquired to hear from the
horses mouth.
“Yes, but…” Emeka agreed eventhough he had
only had s*x with Aunty Bimbo twice.

“Oh my gawd!! I can’t believe i trusted you, and i
gave you my heart and virginity.” She said crying
more loudly.

Folake felt so cheap and stewpid, she thought
Emeka was different from other guys but it
seemed they were all the same. She angrily
picked her clothes and started putting them on,
when she was done she made to leave.

“Baby please forgive me! I really love you.” Emeka
pleaded with her kneeing on the floor.
“Leave my way, you heartbreaker!!” Folake said
as she pushed Emeka aside and left the room.
“You better go apologise to her and bring her
back, Should anything happen to her. You’ll be in
trouble.” Aunty Bimbo threatened.

Emeka felt tears dropped down his cheek as he
walked out of the room, the last girl he cried for
was Amaka when he was about leaving her, he
had not felt so emotional for a very long time.

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Emeka truly loved Folake because she helped
defined what true love really means, unlike other
girls he had been with Folake always made him
smile, laugh, blush and she got good sense of
dignity. To top it all Folake saved his life by
sacrifising her virginity for him eventhough she
was oblivious. Folake had now gone and a part of
him seemed to be missing.

Emeka searched all over the place for Folake but
couldn’t find her, he kept calling he number but
she didn’t answer the phone, he later went home
when the day was getting dark.

Midnight came but Emeka couldn’t sleep, he was
thinking about folake all through. He couldn’t
believe that because of him somebody was
sleeping outside in the dark while he was at home
sleeping on a bed. It’s seemed as if nemesis was
catching up on him, first it was Monica who left
the picture, then Lisa and now Folake. He felt
remorse and decided to quit fvcking, there is
more to life than fvcking any lady that came his
way. His admission was still pending, he didn’t
even know if he was going to pass. He kept on
thinking up untill he slept off.


Emeka woke up the following morning and the
first thing he did was to go check on Folake if she
later came back home, on getting there he saw
Aunty Bimbo sweeping the compound.

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Immediately she saw him coming, she ran
towards him and grabbed his shirt.
“Where is my niece? What have you done to her?,
When her parents starts asking for her
whereabout, just know that you’re responsible not
me.” She lamented still holding his shirt.
Whereas, neighbours were seen poking their
heads through their windows, others were seen
coming out of their rooms but they had no idea
what was happening.

Emeka pleaded with her that he also didn’t know
her whereabout but she didn’t let go of his shirt.
Just then a bike stopped at the front of the house
and Folake alighted from it. She slept under the
bridge, her hair was unkept and she could pass
for a mad woman. Folake went straight into the
room without talking to any of them, she packed
her luggage and then stepped out of the room.
“I’m going back to my father’s house.”

Folake said
to their faces and left almost immediately with
the bike she came with. Aunty Bimbo tried to
persuade her to stay but to no avail.
Emeka sighed and walked backed home with a
million things on his mind.

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