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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 47

The kissing grew as Emeka lifted her to his chest, he was kissing
her and undressing himself at the same time, he moved her away
from the couch and then placed her on top the bed. Folake was
relaxed while Emeka unzipped his trouser and then unleashed the
beast. Folake opened her mouth in awe as she didn’t expect to see
such a huge anaconda, she shaded her eyes with her hands as
Emeka m’asturbated his d’ick before her, soon enough it spat out
Pour. Emeka was good to go as he opened a condom and wore it
perfectly on his d’ick.

Folake was still shading her eyes as Emeka began to undressed
her, he had released the huge b0s0m from prison and made to
remove the cellgate on her pussi. Emeka took off her p’anty to
behold a brand-new punanni. Folake was still a virgin but the road
to her Jerusalem was well shaved, Emeka was suprised because
na ashawo dey mostly shave the forest, that wasen’t his business
anyway. They were soon completely Unclad then Emeka made for
Bleep action.
“Wait!” Folake shouted.
“Baby what is it naw?!” Emeka said with a confused look.

“I don’t think i want to do this.” Folake said referring to them
having s*x.
“Folake please naw, I’m about to Pour..Pour!!” Emeka pleaded.

“Do you really love me?” Folake asked a silly question. Girls have
a way of making it seemed like they’re doing guys a favour when
they have s*x, some girls could be so annoying, you tell a guy that
the both of you should have s*x, you puts him in the mood, he goes
Unclad before you and then you asked if he really loves you.
That’s just strange.
“Yes! I’ve told you before. I love you very much and I’ll never break
your heart.” Emeka assured her.

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“My head is just upside down. I don’t think what we’re about to do
is right.” Folake lamented.
“Baby, there is nothing wrong with what we’re about to do. We’re
only sharing our love in deeper levels. You don’t have to be scared
cause i’m wearing a condom. Or don’t you love me?” Emeka asked
at the point of death.

“Yes, I love you.” She said with tears rolling down her cheek.
“Then let’s do it, I promise you’d be just fine.” Emeka assured her

“Do it!” Folake said moments later still on tears and covering her
face more thightly.

Emeka leaned closer and attempted to penetrate her pussi but it
was too hard. Folake was a 21-year old virgin.

Emeka was having
difficulties nailing her because he had not disvirgined a girl before.

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What the d’ick cannot do the hand can do it better, Emeka forced a
finger into her pussi and started to finger Bleep her while blood
gushed out profusely. When the pussi had become elastic to a
reasonable extent, he finally inserted his 20inches d’ick into her
pussi, Folake flinched in pain as the d’ike brought her back to
reality. Despite the blood on her pussi Emeka was bleeping her
simultaneously with man-on-top position. Folake was m0an!ng
ecstatically with every hit she got, her facial countenance was
changing because she was having the pleasure of pain and

“Mummy oo, I’ll never do it again o!” Folake said unintentionally.
The d’ike was the one doing the talking.
“Haa..Ha..Uhm..Hun..” Emeka said several sounds of m0an!ng.

Emeka was bleeping her with one fvcking style and he was
satisfied, he was also glad that the viagra would no longer cause
him a side-effect. He owned it all to Folake because if she hadn’t
sacrified her virginity for him he probably would had die.
“Ha..Ha..Uhm..Ku..Ku..Hu..” Folake made some funny sounds
which seemed like she was laughing than m0an!ng.
“What is amusing you.” Emeka asked.
“You d’ike is hot like fire!” She said.
“Errrm.. I like it when it’s hot!” Emeka said with a smile.
They continued bleeping untill the condom went slack, Emeka
picked a tissue paper and dried his d’ike, he was done bleeping
with her then he made to wear his clothes.

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“Baby don’t go, I want more!” Folake said.
“Aren’t you tired, cause i am.” Emeka replied.
“Tired ke! Please don’t go yet, Let’s do one more round.” Folake
Nobody sees honey and rejects it, Emeka kept aside the tissue
paper and wore another condom. This time Folake was the one
riding him with woman-on-top position, he nearly collapsed with
her voluptuous asset as she kept whining her pussi on his d’ick.

Folake was a fast learner because she bleeped him perfectly the
same way Chinyere did, even better.

Churchy girls a.k.a Holy-Holy girls are very easy to lure to bed, as
a guy you need to be smart and take it easy with them, you don’t
have to force anybody for s*x but made sure you have nice flow of
words, i bet you, in the end she will be the one begging for more
just like Folake.

Folake was bleeping Emeka to the fullest, just then someone
barged into the room staring at them with disguist, it was Aunty

“How dare you sleep with my boyfriend?!” She barked.

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