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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 46

The fear of the nigeria police is the beginning of
wisdom. Only a Nigeria police can make an
innocent victim admit committing a crime he
knew nothing about. They say police is your
friend but never is there friendship in the call of
duty. Infact, the only time a police is your friend
that’s when money is involved.


Emeka disengaged from penetrating Lisa and
then tiptoed back to the door with his heart
panting heavily, he slowly opened it and peeped
towards the entrance, he saw a police van parked
outside as men of the police force alighted from
the vehicle with assorted guns and rifles.

Emeka was in a state of dilemma, he was either
going to jail or he was going to lose his life as a
result of the viagra he took. The formal would
have been preferable but he was still going to
suffer anyway, because despite the fact that his
father was a commissioner of police Emeka was
definately going to rot in jail. Mr. Chukwuemeka
was a no-nonsense disciplinarian who detest
immorallities. His mother always gave him
whatever he wanted and she would be
heartbroken to hear that her first and only son
was caught in a guest house having s*x with
someone. Since his father was not a flirt it would
be unknown where he got the trait from.

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Emeka was lost in his thought, he was not ready
to bring down his family even at the expense of
his life. He quickly wore his clothes and dashed
out of the room leaving Lisa behind, he got to the
passage and hid behind a door when he saw the
policemen raiding the rooms from the beginning,
luckily for him they didn’t see him so he took the
back door and jumped through the fence,
unknowngly to him he jumped into somebody’s
compound and they had Alsatian dogs in a cage,
the dogs were sleeping and immediately he saw
them he started peeing on his trouser as a result
of fear, he was tiptoeing by counting his step
when he mistakenly kicked an empty bucket on
the ground, the sound woke up the hungry dogs
and they started barking endlessly.
“Who is there?!!” A macho male voice shouted
from inside the house. Emeka was in big poo as
he took to his heels and ran through the gate
without looking back.

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He got outside the house and continued running,
he was wearing a white singlet so he took off his
shirt and tied it to his waist in order to cover the
mess he did to himself. He got to a far end of the
street and halted, he looked to the guest house
and saw as the policemen bundled some people
into their vehicle, amongst them was Lisa. He did
the cross-sign and left before they come after

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Emeka alighted from a bike as he got home, he
walked straight into his room and sat on his bed
thinking. Once again he escaped tragedy but
what he couldn’t decipher was why God always
rescued him from every though situations he
found himself despite the fact that he was a
sinner, perhaps God was giving him the chance
to change and turn a new leaf. Emeka looked at
his d’ick and it had refused to subside, it literally
multiplied from 12inches to 20inches. He needed
to do something drastic before it grows bigger
than that. The bottom line was that he needed to
have s*x.

Emeka weighed his options and only two people
came to his mind. Aunty Bimbo and Folake. Since
the day he escorted Folake to her house and
hugged her, Aunty Bimbo had not been in good
talking terms with him. Folake on the other hand
had a platonic relationship with him and she was
also a virgin which brings a high possibilty that
she would not open her legs for him, Emeka was
doomed but either ways he decided to go see for
himself if a miracle would happen.

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Emeka changed into something casual and put
on a jean trousers that packaged his d’ick
properly, he collected his pack of condom and off
he went to try his luck.
“Knock! Knock!” Emeka was banging the door of
Folake’s house.

“I’m coming!!” Folake’s beautiful voice said from
inside. She opened the door and hugged Emeka’s
while she welcomed him inside. They gisted for a
while but Emeka was too scared to demand for
s*x in order to avoid stories that touch. He was
literally dying in silence.
“Chidi, Can i ask you for a favour?” Folake said.

“Yeah, Go ahead. Anything for you.” Emeka
replied hoping it was what he had in mind.

“Promise me you won’t say, No.” She said.

“I promise, I won’t.” Emeka blurted.

“Okay, I want us to seal our relationship by
having s*x.” Folake said with her baby face look.

Emeka’s prayers had been answered but he
wanted to ask her if that was what she really
wanted but then that could be a dangerous
approach so he reluctantly agreed. They started
off with hot kisses and started stripping Unclad

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