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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 45

“Hellooo!” Emeka said.

“I’m so sorry for taking your time, I’m at the guest house now.”
Lisa lamented.
“No problem, Just turn to your back, you’ll see me.” Emeka said
waiving his hand, and made to go meet her.
Emeka walked to her stance and gave her a tight hug while his
already e’rected d’ick was stroking her.
“Hmmm, We have not even gone inside and your ‘thing’ is
already dancing.” Lisa jokingly said, cutting a eye for Emeka
while he giggled.
“Shall we?” Emeka said stretching his hand forward.
“Yes, we shall.” Lisa reciprocated the gesture and held his hand
while they walked inside the guest house like couples.

Sharaton guest house is a local hangout for p’rostitutes in the
suburb of Lagos, it is famous for having the most cheapest and
ugliest ‘ashawos’ you can ever think of. Majority of them are old
women who force their sagged b0s0ms and legs into thight
legins. There, you can Bleep an ashawo for as cheap as N200
but you won’t enjoy the s*x because their pussi had exceeded its
expiration date. The pretty ones amidst them are those who had
tone their dark skin to rainbow colour. Their legs are green,
b0s0ms is blue, pussi is red, yansh is black, and their faces is
the combination of all the colours. They don’t have an iota of
shame as they could call any passer-by whether old or young to
come have a taste of their tasteless pussi. They also give out
rooms for people who are coming there to Bleep with their client
and since p’rostitution is still illegal in Nigeria the police usually
go there to arrest the ‘ashawos’ including their customers and
later release them after a fine of N5000 had been paid. The only
time they don’t release the customers is when the person was an
“I wan book one of your rooms.” Emeka said to the receptionist
as they got to the counter.
“How many hours?” She enquired.
“Hmmm, One hour or so.” Emeka said to the receptionist after he
made an eye contact with Lisa while she gave him a go ahead
“Your money na N500.” The receptionist said while Emeka paid
her instantly.
“Shey you go buy condom?” She asked.
“Nahh, I come with my own protection.” Emeka blurted.
“Ok, make una sidon for that chair, person go soon do finish then
una fit enter.” She said.
“You say wetin?” Emeka asked with shock, he didn’t saw that
“Oboy, dem fence your ear? Abi you want make i give you your
money make una two dey kawa!!” The receptionist said with pure
waffi slangs.
“Nooo o! Abeg No vex, we go sidon.” emeka mellowed, cutting
an eye for Lisa once again.
Forty minutes had gone and they were still waiting for the
mysterious fvckers to evacuate the room, Lisa was running out of
patience and Emeka’s d’ick was growing bigger by the minute as
a result of the viagra he took. Emeka was dying slowly because
the e’rection was causing him great pain, it seemed like his d’ick
was going to explode any money if he didn’t Bleep somebody.
Lisa was looking at him helplessly as she didn’t know what was
happening to him, the receptionis knew what he took but she
didn’t mind him at all. Afterall no be she send am. Suddenly, a
male and a female were heard quarrelling from the end of the
walkway, the man was completly dress while the woman was
half Unclad, she was holding the man to his shirt without wearing
any bra while her b0s0ms were all for display.
“You must to pay me my money complete!” Said the female.
“I no dey pay you pass wetin i don give you already, your toto
wey i Bleep no sweet and you dey expect full pay, you dey
dream!!” the male fired back.
“You no dey go anywhere today oo, you must to pay me my
money whether you like am or not!” She retorted.
“Oga pay am her money complete naw, when you dey enjoy the
toto you nor know say e no sweet abi, na untill you don Bleep am
finish.” The receptionist added.
“Oya take your money and leave my shirt alone!” The man said
throwing the money to the ground.

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“You for no pay me naw. Useless man.” She said picking the
money from the floor.

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“Ashawo kobokobo, you no dey shame!” The man said.
“Ashawo work easyy?! You sef no dey shame, shey na me carry
your legs come here, i’diot!” She said while the man walked out
on her.

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“Una fit go the room now, the last room by your left.” The
receptionist said referring to Emeka and Lisa.

Emeka sprinted from where he was sitted as they headed for the
room. On their way there, sounds of m0an!ng were heard which
was emanating from other people bleeping.

Before they got to the
room, Emeka had started striping himself Unclad.

They got to the
room and Emeka took a vaseline on a stool and rubbed in on his
d’ick to make penetration smooth and easy.

Lisa had also
stripped Unclad on the bed, Emeka walked closer and leaned on
her, he was about to insert his viagra e’rected d’ick inside her
pussi then sound of police siren was blaring hysterically from the
entrance which disengaged them.

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