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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 44

Immediately he stepped out from the toilet Bella and Ella also
barged inside the men’s toilet. They ran to hug Emeka who
complained of having running stomach. The both of them had
since been searching all over the galaxy for him, they could
easily go to the men’s toilet where he told them he was headed
but then women were banned from entrying into the men’s toilet
moreso the men entrying into the women’s toilet so they had to
wait for him till he returns, it was when there was no sign of him
that they had to break the law by going into the men’s toilet to
find him.

Monica who was still in the toilet placed a finger on her already
wet pussi and extracted a chunk of Emeka’s Pour and placed it
on her tongue, she licked it and made a sinister smile.

The trio got outside and saw that the crowd had multiplied in
thousands, Nigerians are used to attending an event late but
that’s when the real fun usually starts. Emeka could now walk
properly on his feet but there was still trouble, he had problems
raising his d’ick.

The groove was getting hotter than before but they were no
longer feeling the vibe so they made to go home.

They went
outside the gate and flagged down two bikes, Emeka took one
while the twins took the other and they zoomed off, but not after
Emeka promised to visit them again.
Emeka got home and went into the bathroom, he locked the door
and unzip his trouser, he brought out his d’ick and tried to raise
it but to no avail. He kept on trying but his effort always proved
abortive which made him almost cry. He thought he had become
impotent which means ‘no more bleeping’ just then he
remembered the s*x chat he had with Lisa the previous day and
his d’ick managed to raise and fell again almost immediately. He
was disappointed so he went back to his room.


Emeka slept that night and had a terrible nightmare, in the dream,
he saw himself having s*x with eight hot sugar mama’s, he was
bleeping all of them with different s*x positions without a strain
of tiredness, the women were enjoying the s*x as they craved for
more. Suddenly the e’rection in his d’ick began to subside, the
sugar mummy’s become angry because the s*x was no longer
interesting. Their vexation aggravated as they bundled him and
started reciting some incantations, Emeka was begging for his
life but they paid a deaf ear to his plea.

Just then sounds of footsteps started approaching the toilet, the
eight women were speaking in an unknown tongue thereby
shouting blatantly.
“9! 9! 9! 9! 9! 9! 9!” They chorused in unison.

Suddenly the door was pushed open, Lo and Behold it was
Monica. She was holding a motor saw and laughing hysterically.

She came closer to him counting her step while Emeka screamed
for help. Monica got to where they were holding Emeka and puts
on the Motor saw.
She started bringing the saw closer to his d’ick as she wanted to
chopped it off then Emeka swiftly woke up from the dream and
held his d’ick. He was panting furiously as he checked the time
and it reads 06:13am.

Just then his phone started ringing.

A witch is different from a winch. According to a nairalander by
the name ‘born-to-be-gr8t, Witches don’t smile but a winch will
smile at you and still do you. I’m not trying to sound
supersticious here but guys be careful with the kinds of holes
you dig into, not every hole is that friendly. You may put your
hand into a rabbit hole and get bitten by a snake.

Or don’t you
know that snakes lives in holes too? Just like Monica, Some girls
are out there to destroy your destiny especially when they know
you have a bright future. Not all that glitters is gold. Be wise!

* * * * * * * * *

Emeka was panting furiously as his phone kept ringing without
him picking, he was certain Monica was the one calling because
she was beginning to haunt him at the slightest second, even in
his sleep. He concluded that she was a ‘winch’ because of her
over-possessive attitude towards him even though he doesn’t
know what a witch looks like.

Emeka mustered courage and finally picked the call after it began
ringing for the third time, he felt more foolish when he discovered
that Lisa was the person calling and not Monica.

“Hello!” Emeka said with a faint tone as he answered the call.

“Hey Chidi, I’ve been calling your number for quite some time
now, where were you?” Lisa said.

“It’s just 6am, i was still sleeping when you first called. Infact,
your call woke me up from sleep.” Emeka lied.
“Anyway, I called to remind you about today.” Lisa said.
“Hmmm, What about today?” He enquired unsure.
“Have you forgetten? We planned to have real s*x today.” Lisa
Once again Emeka felt foolish at himself, how on earth could he
forget such a sumptuous offer, it seemed as if Monica was
making his head to spin abnormally like he was insane. He did a
quick examination on his d’ick but his e’rection was still at the
low side. Without maximum e’rection he won’t last on bed and
girls don’t like guys who can’t satisfy them sexually. He weighed
his options, it’s either he was going to Bleep the hell out of her or
he was going to let it slide as a result of weak e’rection. He made
up his mind and decided to go for the formal.

“Oh! I’m so sorry, Of course i remember.

I thought you were
talking about something else.” Emeka lamented.
“Okay naw.. So i’ll be coming over to your house.” Lisa said.
“Errrm.. I’m afraid that won’t be possible. We have a family
meeting in my house today.” Emeka lied. There was no family
meeting going on in his house, he was not just matured enough
to bring a lady to his house, especially with the intention of
bleeping her.
“Where are we going to have the s*x then?” She asked.
“What about your house.” Emeka suggested.
“Nooo oo! My mother would just bury me alive.” Lisa said with
“No problem then, Meet at Sharaton guest house by 12pm.”
Emeka said with a tone of finality.
“Alright, I’ll be there.” Lisa said and ended the call. He went to
his phone settings and blocked Monica’s number from calling
11:00am. Emeka got dressed and headed for his sexcapede with
Lisa, on his way there he went to a pharmacy and bought viagra.
Viagra means s*x stimulant, it helps to improve a man’s
e’rection so that he can perform better on bed. In Nigeria it’s
called Manpower, viagra works differently on different people.
Especially young people, viagra could take the life of someone
who uses it without eventually having intimate intercoure.
The bike got to Sharaton guest house then Emeka alighted and
dialled Lisa’s number, she told him she would soon be there then
Emeka remembered the trick Monica once played on him, most
Nigerian girls are fond of arriving late to a date, their excuse is
always ”I’ll soon be there.” Can’t they just admit that they were
still at home wearing unnecessary make-up that the scorching
sun would eventually wipe away.

Thirty five minutes later Emeka saw someone who looked like
Lisa alights from a bike, he had not met Lisa personally before
but they usually exchange pictures on whatsapp. He was sitting
at a beer parlour just opposite the guest house admiring the
beauty in front of him, she was dark and beautiful with natural
voluptuous asset and killer curves. She was not even wearing a
make up and she still look perfectly georgous.

Emeka had been
there waiting for Lisa for a long time and he wished she was the

The lady reached for her phone and it seemed like she was
dialing a number, just then Emeka’s phone started ringing. He
check the name of the caller and it was Lisa calling. He became
certain she was the one then he brought out the viagra and drank
it. Immediately he gulped down the fluid he felt some movement
taking place at his waist region, his d’ick was becomming
stronger and bigger. It was sure going to be a wonderful ride with
Lisa, he thought and made to answer the call.

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