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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 43

If trouble comes when you least expect it then maybe the best
thing to do is to always expect it. According to Richelle E.
Goodrich, No one is without troubles, without personal hardships,
and genuine challenges. The fact may not be obvious because
most people don’t advertise their woes and heartaches. But
nobody, not even the purest heart, escapes life without suffering
battle scars.


Emeka was in a pool of trouble because had if he knew Monica
would also be present at the event he wouldn’t had gone in the
first place in order not to spoil a beautiful rendezvous with two
beautiful sisters. Since that day he snubbed Monica she kept on
calling him and sending text messages of how she was going to
get back her money by all means. Emeka ignored the threats
thinking that he was never going to meet her again but there she
was staring at him frantically. Emeka activated his thinking
faculty and an idea popped into his head.

“Excuse me, I’ve got to use the toilet.” Emeka said and made to

“Are you okay?” Ella asked with concern.
“I’m fine, I’ll be right back.” He said and left.
Emeka left for the toilet while Monica followed suit, he didn’t
wanted the twin beauties to suspect anything so he was walking
at a slow pace but when he left their sight he accelerated the
speed of his legedinz benz. Emeka would occasionally looked at
his back and saw Monica following him at a close range, it
seemed as though she meant every iota of the threats.

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Emeka walked back to the entrance but on a second thought he
decided not to leave the galaxy cause he thought he wouldn’t be
allowed to enter inside again which means he had alot of
explanations to make so he swerved and turned to the direction
of the indoor sport hall where the toilet is situated eventhough he
wasen’t pressed. Emeka literally started running to escape the
furious Monica, he got to the entrance of the hall and looked back
but Monica was no where to be found. He further walked to the
men’s toilet and discovered that no soul was there, the toilet
were about fifteen in numbers, they were all built closely together
and its doors did not reached the ground.

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He proceeded to hide in toilet 9 and listened carefully to know if
there was any sign of her. Suddenly Emeka started hearing
footsteps approaching the men’s toilet, the sound emanating
from the heels were loud for him to hear because the place was
silent like a graveyard. The footsteps stopped at the front of the
door and then the door was flinged open. Emeka became scared
and climbed the toilet seat because the person could easily see
his legs through the down floor. The footsteps walked passed
toilet 1,2,3,4, and magically stopped at the front of toilet 9, the
place where Emeka was hiding. He was breathing heavily but he
had to compose himself in order not to get caught. Just then the
door was pushed open, it was Monica.

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She smirked and walked inside then closed the door.
“Why are you standing on the toilet seat, Are you scared of
someone?” Monica asked feigning ignorance while Emeka
fearfully shook his head in disapproval. He was shaking like a
jelly fish.

“Where is my money?” Monica asked with a straight face.
“Wha..Wha..What money?” Emeka stuttered as he managed to
muster some words.
“I don’t want to beat about the bush. Pay me back my N5000
which i used to settle the bills of our date.” Monica said bluntly.
Emeka was suprised to hear those words escaped from her
mouth, she was the one who came along with her friends which
pissed him off and he didn’t even take a bite from the food.
“Well, I don’t have N5000 here with me.” Emeka said the truth.
“I know. That’s why i want you to pay me back by having s*x
with me right here, right now.” Monica blurted.
“Hun!” Emeka exclaimed.
“Errr.. I’m not here with a condom.” Emeka lamented.
“That’s not a problem. Afterall, you didn’t use a condom when
you had s*x last week.” Monica said with a smile.
Emeka was confused would be an understatement, he was

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“How did she knew he had s*x with Aunty Bimbo last week and
he was not holding up to N5000?” He asked himself.

Emeka had no choice but to agree to her demand, they striped
Unclad and had hot rounds of s*x. Monica was not a learner as
she kept on riding Emeka to the promise land. The more they had
s*x the more Emeka felt weakness in his d’ike.
25 MINUTES LATER. Emeka heard the voices of Ella and Bella
calling his name, they were approaching the men’s toilet so he
pleaded with Monica not to cause a scene then wore his trouser.
“You can go now, I’m done with you already.” Monica said and
made an inaudible laugh.
Emeka felt foolish after the sexcapede, never had he been so
overpowered by a woman before. Something was definately not
adding up. Or was she a ‘winch’ who used a spell on him, he

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