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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 42

Mistake are unavoidable, everyone is prone to mistakes but
remorse is the key to correction. According to Oscar Wilde,
experience is simply the name we give our mistakes, Emeka had
made a great mistake but it’s just the beginning of many more

* * * * * * * * * * *

Emeka was tongue tied, he didn’t know what to say. Him and Ella
were looking at each other and waiting for who would talk first.
“Oops! I think i need to excuse you guys.” Bella said and went

“I swear! I didn’t know she was your..” Emeka was saying.
“Don..Don..Don’t say a word.” Ella stuttered and walked inside
but when she saw that Emeka was still standing outside she
went back to meet him.
“Would you come inside or not?” Ella said while Emeka walked
slowly behind her.
“You may be seated, how was your journey her.” Ella enquired
with concern.
“Not as complex as i thought.” Emeka replied.
“Woah! You have a lovely home here, where are your parents?”
Emeka said scanning around the sitting room.

“Thankkk you, Well, my parents are off to an event and they
won’t be back up untill midnight.” Ella said shifting closer to
“I’m so sorry about what happene earli…”

Emeka was saying.
“Muahhhhh!” Ella planted a kiss on his lips and placed a finger
across her lips which signified that Emeka should forget.
“It’s Nothing.” Ella added.
‘Bella!!’ Ella called out her twin sister while she cat-walked into
the room and sat on a chair opposite where they were sitting.
‘This is my friend Chidi, the guy i told you i met when i went to
write my post-ume. Chidi, this is my twin sitser Isabella.’ Ella
said introducing them.
“Awww, he look soo cute!” Bella said which made them giggled.
“Anyways, Lemme go get you something to drink, i’ll be right
back.” Ella said to Emeka and left the both of them in the sitting
“Coughs!, So you’re the magician who casted a spell on my
sister, innit? She had been crazy about you since she came from
that post-ume.” Bella said cutting a eye for Emeka.
“Hmmm, Why didn’t you write the post-ume with your sister?”
Emeka asked avoiding her question.
“Don’t mind WAEC ooo, they gave me D7 in English. I’m enroling
for S.S.C.E again next year sha.” Bella said.
“You look so much like your sister. Honestly speaking, i could
barely spot the difference between the both of you.” Emeka said
changing the topic. Before Bella could reply him, Ella came back
with a trail of Chicken lap, 5alive and a glass cup.

“Uhm.. Seems like some people are getting to know themselves
better.” Ella said with a pinch of jealousy as she filled the 5alive
into the glass cup.
“Oh! Pardon my manners, i forgot to entertain our visitor.” Bella
went to switch on the flat screen tv on the extreme of the wall,
thereby displaying her big nyansh which gave Emeka a hard time
concentrating on the Chicken which he was eating.
The tv went active and Bella changed the channel from Africa
Magic to Sound City. Starboy ‘Caro’ ft Wizkid and L.A.X was
blaring hysterically from the long speakers place beside the tv.

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Ella dragged Emeka from where he was sitting to the dance floor,
Emeka was glad that he had stylishly abandoned the Chicken he
was munching because it had alot of Bones and he didn’t want to
‘fall his hand’ by crushing the bones like a dog. Especially in the
presence of two hot chicks. Also, he was shy to dance in the
presence of two sisters but Ella didn’t give him any chance, she
was dancing with him so closely thereby caressing him with her
b0s0ms. The music soon changed to ‘Rihanna’ by Orezi then
Bella who had been watching them stepped on her feet and
started dancing with them, she loved the song so much that she
made it her Ringing tone. Bella was a bad twister, she got those
whining skills that could give Shakira a run for her money. Bella
moved to Emeka’s front and strated twerking on his d’ick which
gave him a hard-on.

They continued dancing untill Ella caught a glimpse of the
wallclock, the time was 12:45pm.
“O.M.G! We are late for the party.” Ella shouted on top her voice
as they disengaged and switched off the tv. Bella and Ella were
already dressed so they were good to go, they hurried outside
while Ella took the meat Emeka did not finished with her and
called Cheetah, the dog. Emeka saw the huge Dog and ran
toward the fence, trying to climb over it which made the twins
laughed uncontrollably.
They finally got outside with Emeka panting heavily. Time was
flying so the three of them flaged down one bike. Five minutes
into the journey they got to a bad spot and the bike began to
bounced. Bella was at the back so her b0s0ms were touching
Emeka which gave him a turgid e`rection. Ella who was sitting in
front of Emeka noticed.

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The difference between Anger and Aggression is that Anger is an
Emotion, Aggression is an Action. While the similarites between
Anger and E’rection is that they mainly occure naturally without
power or control. As a man you need to be able to control your
urge because irrelevant e’rection can disgrace you in public.

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Here is the solution: When you’re angry at home, just leave
without saying a word to anybody, go hang out somewhere and
come back home later. To get rid of an E’rection then get rid of
that stinky thought in your mind, or start doing some exercise.

Thank me later.


The three of them were sitting very close to each other, the bike
continued to bounced and Emeka’s d’ick continued to poke Ella
on her back but she feigned ignorance, Emeka felt it was
happening normally as a result of the bump up untill they left the
bad spot but Bella continued to use her b0s0ms to caress him on
the back. Emeka saw greenlight but the light wasen’t coming
from traffic but Bella. He was pretty sure that she liked him but
he remained calmed to avoid stories that touch. They got to the
venue of the event and the bike stopped, Emeka quickly excused
himself and lied that he was going to buy a recharge card, he
went to one corner and arrange his d’ick properly then went back
to meet them.
They walked closer to the entrance and met some security guys
on the gate requesting for the ticket, Ella reached for her hand
bag and gave the ticket to one of the guys, he checked it and
allowed them pass. The venue for the event was Galaxy of fame,
it had a wide mass land with water spring, indoor hall, swimming
pool, fast food, gym, multi purpose center etc. Dynamic
Entertainment is a record label based in Lagos, every year they
usually organise a Fan groove to celebrate their numerous fans
far and near and it’s later broadcasted on tv.
All eyes were on Emeka as he held two beautiful identical twins
on the shoulder as the walked to the stage, Emeka was feeling fly
with the attention everyone poured on him. Smooth T. was
already performing on stage as they joined the rest of the fans
and danced to the music. Several other artiste under Dynamic
Entertainent also came on stage to perform untill D. Pheelz who
was not in the label came and stole the show. He brought along
two e’rotic dancers on stage who were feeding the fans with their
assatic dance moves, they were shaking their big Bottom which
felt like it was going to leave its position, they later bent to the
stage floor and started hitting their pussi simultaneously to the
ground like they were having s*x with it. D. Pheelz after having a
lap dance with one of the e’rotic dancers opened their p’ant
trousers and put some naira notes inside, the whole crowd were
amazed which made them went wild, the action was beginning to
seem like a p’orn scene which kept them in the mood. Some guys
who could not control their o’rgasm started grabbing the b0s0ms
of female fans they didn’t know, some guys were seen leaving the
place with hot lekpa and orobo babes and it seemed they were
going to have the bleeping of their lives. The e’rotic dancers then
sat on the stage facing the fans with their legs wide opened, it
was then the fans knew the dancers were not on p’anties
because their pussi could be seen from the light transparent
trousers they wore.

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Emeka and Ella were not left out in the action as they would
occasionally whisper into their ears because the music which
was blaring at a high decibel made hearing impossible, whenever
Ella whispered into Emeka’s ear her b0s0ms always romanced
him on his shoulder and they knew what they were doing. All this
while, Bella was concentrating on the dancers on stage because
she was enjoying their performance especially when D. Pheelz
placed his hand into their pussi. D. Pheelz later left the stage
with the dancers and a local artiste mounted the stage. The guy
was singing rubbish so they went to the spot where Suya was
sold. Emeka bought suya of N1000 and they sat on a bamboo-
like chair customized for customers and strated munching the
meat. Ella would playfully attempt to give Emeka the meat to eat
and then drop it only to give him the onions while they laughed
together, after doing so for some time she finally put the meat
into his mouth and washed it down with a passionate kiss. Bella
also fed him the meat but fear could not let her kiss him. The
place was full of love and affection as everyone minded their
business. It was the turn for Emeka to feed them so he picked a
piece of the meat and as he raised up his head to put the meat
into Ella’s mouth, he saw Monica standing opposite him, she was
staring at him with a dead look and her hands were placed on her

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