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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 40

It seemed as though Timothy was enjoying the whole process as
he gladly made for her mouth without hesitation, he puts his d!ke
inside her mouth and began thrusting it in and out, his manliness
started bringing out Pour whice rolled down through the sides
of her mouth. Timothy continued bleeping her through the mouth
like he was bleeping her through the pussi.
“Stop! Now start licking her pussi.” emeka said while timothy
smiled for a reason unknown even when he was in a mess.
Timothy stretched her left leg to the east, and the right leg to the
west, he leaned forward and began licking her pussi in a rapid
succession, Grace started m0an!ng louder this time as she spank
him on his bald head, she continued spanking him but Timothy
did not retreat nor surrender, his hobby was licking pussi like
lollipop, he would not only lick but also swallow the content in
the pussi, his tongue was doing great wonders.
“Harder! Harder! Harder!” emeka shouted admist giggling.

“Broda Timothy ooOoo, take it easy oo, i only came here for bible
study o!” grace lamented.
“Keep deceiving yourself, you didn’t come here for any bible
study.” emeka retorted.
Timothy cared less what she was saying as he continued licking
her pussi, it seemed like the grace was on him while Grace was
Grace-less, it’s awkward what the people of God do in his name,
what was meant to be a bible study suddenly turned into
bedmatics study.
“Now turn over and Bleep her through the anus” emeka said to
timothy still filming the hot s*x-tion.
Timothy bent her Bottom over and began bleeping her like a dog
with canine style. Grace was panting heavily, her energy was
continuously depreciating. Timothy bleeped her frantically up
untill Emeka asked them to stop. He later asked them to wear
their clothes then Grace managed to gather some energy. She
even came with a s*xy** mini-skirt which i guess made it easier
for the choir master to lure her into s*x.

Grace was done wearing her clothes then her vision became
obvious, she could see the face of Emeka clearly, it was then she
remembered that Emeka was the guy she gave a side hug earlier
that day during the church service, she became more ashamed of
herself and started pleading with emeka not to expose her. Mr.
Baldhead (stubborn) also joined in pleading inorder for his image
not to be destroyed in the church. Emeka assured them that he
wasen’t going to open their closet if only Timothy stays away
from Folake and he agreed at once.
“Now would you kindly delete the evidence from your phone.”
timothy said politely.
“Oh!, that brings me to Rule4. I lied about deleting the evidence”
emeka said and dashed out of the room with powerful speed
without looking at the back.
He ran to the junction and flagged down a bike, he told the
bikeman where he was going without negotiating the fee. He got
to his street and passed his house, he was about getting to Aunty
Bimbo shop but seeing that she was around he told the bikeman
to stop, he paid the bikeman and walked the rest distance on
foot. Emeka then hid beside an uncompleted building very close
to the shop for about five minutes monitoring Aunty Bimbo’s
“I’m going back to the market, i forgot some of my goods there.”
aunty bimbo said to folake as she left.

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Emeka saw her coming towards his direction so he went inside
the uncompleted building and hid there totally, he watched her
cat-walked passed then he heaved a sigh of relief. He sneaked
out of the building and beckoned on Folake to see him beside the
house, thereby, calling her name in a low tone, Folake was
suprised to see him called her that way coupled with the fact that
he didn’t say a word to her before he left earlier, she went to
meet him and Emeka explained everything that had happened to
her, she did not believe up untill Emeka showed her the pictures
he took them while Folake bursted into uncontrolled tears, she
was crying because Timothy could had disvirgined her if she had
gone to pay him a visit, little wonder Emeka was the only guy she
trusted, she gave Emeka all the credit and thank him for his

Emeka proceeded to show her the video and with the first glance
at it, Folake became more sober and the crying increased,
Emeka’s modus oparandi was logicaly quick to know what to do
next so he ended the video and embraced her tightly. He was
patting her to stop crying when Aunty Bimbo coughed which
disengaged their hugging, Folake was all tears while Emeka was
holding a phone in his hand.

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Ambivalence is the mixed feeling or emotions you get when
you’re seen doing something by the person you least expected to
be seen doing so, the shock is priceless because it tends to have
a lasting effect of fear and colossal commotion.
Emeka and Folake turned to look at Aunty Bimbo with great
shock, she was gone for barely five minutes and they sure didn’t
expected her to be back so early, she had a Q-look on her face
which signified a sense of suspiction, Emeka quickly pocketed
his phone with style while Folake cleaned the tears on her face.
“Why are you crying?” Aunty Bimbo asked walking close to them.
“Hmmm…My choir…” Folake was saying.
“Her choir master dead today.” Emeka lied as Aunty Bimbo gave
him a “who asked you” look. She didn’t really buy the idea but
then what could make someone cry so much if not that someone
“Awww, may his soul rest in peace, stop crying, all is well.”
Aunty Bimbo said consoling her. Folake feigned a smile and
pretended as if she had gotten over it.
“Anyway, i came back to collect my purse which i forgot in the
shop, when i come back you’ll tell me more about his death.”
Aunty Bimbo said to Folake as they walked back to the shop
while Emeka walked behind them. Emeka stood outside the shop
while Aunty Bimbo went inside to get her purse, she came
outside and passed Emeka but not after she gave him a scornful

Emeka was glad that she had finally left so he went to join Folake
who was sitting on a chair, he drew another chair closer to her
and held her hands tightly.

“Look at me.” Emeka said to Folake as she obliged.
He assured her that Timothy would stop pestering her and also
advised her to stopped going to the church, Folake was more
than gleeful to know someone like Emeka, what could she
possibly do without him, she thought.

“Now smile for me.” Emeka said trying to cheer her up. Folake
was adamant as Emeka playfully swept her off her feet and
raised her up, she had more weight than Emeka so she pleaded
with him to put her down before they both fall to the ground.
“You can’t make me smile for you.” Folake jokingly said.
“Hmmm, you think so?” Emeka replied smiling.
“I know so.” Folake said with a straight face.
Emeka needed no rocket science to know what to do as he
leaned closer to her and started tickling her endlessly which
made Folake laughed uncontrollably.
“Now would you smile for me?” Emeka asked still tickling her.
“Ha..Ha..Ha..Yes, Yes, You win, i’ll smile for you!” Folake said
admist laughter. She slowly curved her lips into a smile which
made her looked more beautiful, Emeka reciprocated the gesture
by also smiling in an attempt to mock her.
“Naughty boy, are you satisfied now.” Folake said.
“YES!!” Emeka replied smiling sheepishly.
“Errm..Errm, Well i’m not satisfied.” Folake said and dragged
Emeka into the shop.

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She dragged him to one extreme of the shop where nobody could
see them, they freezed and gazed at each other for a while
straight into the eyes and then their lips became interlock in hot
kisses. The kissing grew hotter as Emeka reached for her

“Stop!” Folake blurted.
“Did i do something wrong?” Emeka asked, confused.
“Promise me you won’t break my heart.” Folake said staring at
Emeka in the eyes.
Emeka thought about the statement for a while, she had not
accepted to be his girlfriend yet and she didn’t wanted him to
break her heart, how lame could that be, either ways he decided
to play along.
“I promise never to break your heart.” Emeka replied.
“Then i accept your proposal, i’m willing to become your
girlfriend.” Folake said with a wide grin.
They continued kissing then Folake finally placed Emeka’s hand
on her b0s0ms, the b0s0ms were soft and succulent, Emeka did
the pleasure of caressing it softly, it was the softest b0s0ms he
had touched, the others were strong and turgid.
“I love you!” Folake said.
“I love you too!” Emeka replied.
They disengaged and went back outside, it was getting late so
Emeka made to leave. It has been a bitter sweet experience, he
got back home and went into the shower. While he was in the
bathroom his phone was ringing, the caller continued calling up
untill he came out from the bathroom. He picked the phone and
saw seven missed calls from Ella.

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