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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 37

Monica’s phone started ringing but it was a
strange number calling, she answered the
phone and inquired who the caller was, the
person revealed his identity to her while she
exclaimed. It was a guy she met on another
church a week before, she also had another
date with him that day, Monica was a runz girl
who always go to different churches and clubs
to get people who she goes on a date with, she
could go to three different dates in a day, one
in the morning, afternoon and evening.
Monica had been talking on the phone with her
mysterious caller for over eight minutes without
minding the presence of Emeka, she was saying
words like “me too” which could be translated
to “i love you too” just then the call ended
without any of them hunging up.
“Please can you help me bring out the last
number that called me.” monica said giving
emeka the phone.
Jeez! Monica was using a BB porshe that she
could not operate and then she would call
herself a posh babe. Emeka gladly accepted
and went to the call profile. He saw the number
but also saw something else which made him
stood still like someone who was struck by
lightening, his number was there saved as
Mugu17. He feigned ignorance as if he didn’t
see anything and gave her the phone.
There could never be two kings in a palace,
Emeka thought to himself. He smiled as a plan
popped into his head. Suddenly Monica
pocketed her phone after she was done talking
with the guy.
“Can you get me a recharge card of N1500, i
just exhausted my airtime pleassse!!!” monica
pleaded with emeka with a baby face look.
“Alright dear, your wish is my command”
emeka said and made to go get the recharge
“That’s my boo!” monica said smiling.
Emeka stood up at once and left to get the
recharge card, they barely ate the food they
ordered for and he overheard them ordering for
takeaways as he left, he laughed at their
stupidity and walked out of the eatery all the
way home.

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Emeka’s phone began ringing twenty minutes
later, he brought out the phone and saw that it
was Monica calling.
“Hello!” he said after he answered the call.
“Chidi, how long would it take you to get the
card naw, please be fast and come back here to
settle the bills” monica said raising her voice.
“Hello…hello…hello!!” emeka said as if he had
fluctuating network problem.
“Chidi, come back here. The waiter had
threatened to call the bouncers on us if we
don’t settle the bills” monica lamented.
“Hel… Hello, i’m sorry i can’t hear you.” emeka
blurted holding back laughter.
“Chidi, i can hear you perfectly, please come
back here and settle the bills, i promise to give
you s*x” monica said almost crying.
“I can’t hear you oo, i’m sorry i have to cut you
off now” emeka said and ended the call then
bursted into an uncontrollable laughter.
Emeka got home and his phone buzzed, he
check it and saw that it was a message from
Monica. The message reads “God punish you!!!
You’re lucky i had vexed money to settle the
bills myself, you think you can escape, you
can’t go far, i shall find you again and you shall
pay for everything!” emeka read the message
with a big grin on his face.
He clicked the reply message option and typed
in capitals “YOUR FATHER”

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