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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 33

The usher then led Emeka to a sit at the back of the church. The
church was big and it had a massive carrying capacity of about
two hundred people. Chairs were arranged directly opposite each
other with a space at the centre where members could walk
through. At the front of the church was a podium with a glass-
like structure where the pastor was meant to preach, the choirs
were clad in white and black uniforms and were sitted at the
eastern extreme of the church all looking beautiful. Most of them
were ladies but their leader was a male with bald head.
Emeka sat down and said a short prayer before raising his head
up. Truth is, he really didn’t say anything meaningful, he was just
blabbing his mouth because he was certain God would not
answer his prayers.
Emeka stretches his neck to look for Folake amongst the choir
unit but could not find her. A pretty lady about his age and height
was sitting beside him so he quickly mellowed down inorder not
to create unnecessay attention.
It was time to pay offerings so the lady co-ordinating the
exercise asked the congregation to come out row by row and
dance to the glory of God while they come out to pay their
offerings, the drums were been beaten and a popular praise song
was been sang, the whole members suddenly stood up and
started shaking their bum-bum to the glory of the lord as they
trooped out to pay their offering in a straight line. It got to
Emeka’s seat so the pretty lady who sat on the first row stood up
and joined the line still dancing, Emeka soon joined her but he
was walking majestically because he detest dancing in public.
The reason he never really danced in the open was because he
was shy though, the leader of the choir changed the song to a
yoruba melody which saw them dancing while bending down, the
pretty lady who was sitting on the same row with him bent to
dance thereby whining her waist on his bulala, Emeka feigned
ignorance and wished she did more of it but the lady later
apologized by saying sorry.

They finally got to the front of the church where the offering
basket was, Emeka then sighted Folake singing and dancing at
the back of the choir unit, she also saw Emeka and gave him a
smile. Emeka dipped his hand inside his right pocket and
brought out his wallet without looking at the content inside, all
his concentration was based on the big yansh dancing in front of
him. He dropped his offering inside and realised that he
mistakenly dropped N1000, instead of N100. He was looking at
the money and the money was looking at him, Folake also gave
him a thumbs up but deep inside he was crying because he could
not collect the money back unless he wanted to be labelled a
They danced back to their sit but this time Emeka wore a
grimace look, he was thinking of how to get his N900 change.
The pastor infuriated his anger as he stepped to the podium and
started preaching about immoralities and fornication. He was a
master of fornication so the pastor was talking to him but he was
not ready to compromised. The pastor then said “Turn to your
neighbour and say you love him or her.” Emeka and the pretty
lady turned to each other and said the words in unison but
something else happened, the lady gave him a wink which made
his bulala danced in joy. The N900 was not wasted afterall, he
was definately going to get it back from her pussi. As if that was
not enough the pastor then said “Hold your partner.” and he gave
them a prayer point.
Emeka stretched his hands open to hold the lady then she
chipped in a piece of paper wraped into his hand with style, in the
paper was an inscription “See me after the service.” Instead of
praying Emeka checked what was written on the paper, he saw it
and smiled back to the lady.
When the service was over Emeka walked outside to locate the
lady, she was standing beside a parked vehicle, he got to her
stance and gave her a handshake. They gisted for a while and
then exchanged numbers, she also informed Emeka that her
name was Monica.
Emeka asked her out for a date so they could get to know
themselves better and she agree. Just then Folake stepped out
from the church and saw the both of them gisting and laughing,
jealousy was written all over her face as she angrily walked
towards them and dragged Emeka away vigorously.
Both Emeka and Folake didn’t say a word to each other untill
they left the church premises, Folake broke the silence and asked
Emeka a million dollar question.

“Do you love me?!”

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