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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 31

Distance and loss of communication can make you hate the one
you once loved and can also make you love the one you once
hated. For example, when i gained admission into the university i
lossed communication with most of my high school friends who
were still struggling for admission and automatically the people i
thought were my friends became enemies, they claimed i’d
forgetten about them because i had become a big boy. Also, the
day i saw my high school teacher whom i hated so much i
couldn’t help but prostrate to greet him.

That’s because distance
and barrier communication had set in. Emeka was not in good
talking terms with Jennifer before they finished high school but
when they met again everything seemed as though they never
had a pinch of enemity..


Emeka limped towards Jennifer with a grin on his face. His
walking step totally changed, he was bouncing like he had
difficulty in walking. Jennifer who was sitted on the back of the
SUV opened the door and ran to hug Emeka. She was so glad to
see him because she thought they would never meet again. It’s
indeed a small world we live in. If you could recall, Jennifer was
the half-caste who tried to s£duce Emeka back in secondary
school. Her father is a distinguished politician in Lagos.

Jennifer was looking dazzling sparking, her light skin was
shining like a diamond, her hair-style was second to none, she
was looking hot. School uniform was a bastard, Jennifer who
was wraped in her school wears was now looking skinny and tall
plus the help of her heels though. She wore a s*xy** blue dress
which was coincidentally the same colour with the SUV and she
had a black shade on which prevented the scorching sun from
penetrating into her eyes.

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“hey, longest time!” jennifer said removing the shade from her
“hmmm, actually it’s longest years” emeka jokingly said admist
“so watcha doin’ here?” jennifer asked with her queens english.
Emeka turned to look at the store he wanted to buy the boxers, it
was a local store built with wood, the seller was standing at the
entrance waiting for him to come back when he was done so
none of his lies could scale him through.
“uhm, hmmm, erm,” emeka stuttered.
“you came to buy clothes isn’t it?” jennifer said pointing a finger
to the store.
“Yes!, what about you?” Emeka asked after he denied his ego.
“Actually, i came to withdraw some cash from the bank. Infact,
you’re coming with me cause i’ve got some suprise for you.”
jennifed said with a tone of finality.
“Really!” Emeka said suprised.
“Yeah!, come on in.” jennifer said dragging Emeka inside the SUV
with her.
The man who was selling the boxers Emeka wanted to buy could
be heard saying some words indistintively as they zoomed off.

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The bank was just across the road so they soon parked while the
driver went to withdraw the money leaving the both of them
alone. They continued gisting while Jennifer informed Emeka that
she had gotten admission to study Law in UNILAG, but she didn’t
tell him that her father paid N500,000 to the Vice chancellor
before she was offered admission because she could not meet
the cut off mark.
The driver interrupted their discussion when he came back and
handed over the money he went to withdraw to Jennifer. It was
one hundred and thirty thousand naira, Emeka sigh in disbelief,
the highest amount of money he had in his account was about
twenty thousand naira. Jennifer drew the ear of the driver closer
and whispered something to him while Emeka looked like a
zombie. The driver then ignited the SUV and zoomed off, thirty
minutes later they got to a boutique and stopped. They both
alighted from the SUV as Jennifer literally dragged Emeka inside,
he was dumb struck as he could barely utter a word.

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“Is this the suprise you had for me?” Emeka asked a rhetorical
“Yes, but that’s not all. Feel free to select any clothes of your
choice, i’ll settle the bills” jennifer said pouting.
Emeka was bewirled, he had only gone to get some new boxers
and he was getting more than he bargained for free. Money they
say makes the world go round, who would have thought a lady he
humiliated month back would turn out to be so nice to him. Could
it be that Jennifer was being a philantropist to Emeka out of
freewill because humans barely doing things for one another
without expecting something in return.

Emeka selected the best set of clothes while Jennifer also took
turn to select a few. Jennifer had a fashion designer who usually
made most of the clothes she wears because she hated wearing
the same clothes with somebody else. When they were done
shopping she settled the bills and they made to leave with the
clothes wraped in a black nylon. They got back to the bus to see
the driver sleeping.
“Amadi!” jennifer tapped the driver on the shoulder addressing
him with his first name.

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