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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 30

Do to others what you want others to do to you.

Ever wonder why
a guy would never allow his friend to date his sister, that’s
because he knows his friend better than the sister. He knows the
friend double dates and he’s probably going to use her and dump
her same way he does to other girls. Aunty Bimbo was using
Emeka to replenished her looks but got infuriated when she saw
him with one of her own. Aunty Bimbo has had a first-hand
experience of Emeka s*x life and she knew we would stop at
nothing untill he lures Folake to bed. Aunty Bimbo was in charge
of Folake’s welfare and should anything happen to her virginity
under her care she was going to take the responsibilities, but
then there was nothing she could do to stop their friendship
without a tangible reason so she decided to let them be but had a
close eye on Folake.

Emeka slept that night and had a good bad dream. That’s the
only word i could use to describe it. In the dream he saw himself
in a spacious room with a clique of about 60 people he haven’t
met before. It carried the capacity of 30 males and 30 females
but they were all Unclad. Emeka who was also Unclad was sitted
on a sofa then he saw a light skinned lady approaching him and
she seemed like someone he knew somewhere but he could not
recall who she was at that moment. The room was painted white
and it also had white PVC ceilings. The guys amongst them had
their female partners and they were circulated around the room,
some were standing, others were sitting and Emeka imaginary
partner was now beside him also.

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“Action!” The director shouted.

They all started f`ucking their partners, the sound of m0an!ng
clouded the atmosphere and that was when it dawned on Emeka
that they were acting a p`orn movie. Emeka light skinned partner
grabbed his d`ick and started giving him a Mouth Action, Emeka
was m0an!ng in ecstasy, the s£nsat!on was hyper quantified. The
lady would lick his d`ick like lolipop and then stares and him,
Emeka had a winch look on his face, the feeling he was getting
was unexplainable. She removed the d`ick from her mouth and
started massaging it, she was massaging it in a fast manners
and Pour started to gush out whilst she licked it.

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Emeka then stood up from the sofa and leaned the lady to his
position. He inserted a finger inside her pussi and started
manipulation her, the lady had a belly ring on the edge of her
pussi and the highway to her pussi was smooth because the hair
was well shaved. The m0an!ng was becomming more louder, the
guys were not smiling. They all had their partners with different
f`ucking positions. Emeka was twisting his finger inside her
pussi as the m0an!ng aggravated.
A lady who was also being [email protected] on the sofa Emeka and his
light skinned partner was sitted abandoned her partner and
turned to Emeka which made the light skinned lady pushed her

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“Cut! Cut! Cut!, what the f`uck are you people acting, is that
what the script says?” the enraged director barked referring to
emeka, his partner and the s*x freak who was pushed aside.
Meanwhile, the other f`uckers murmured.
“Sorry sire!” the trio replied in unison.
“Y’all better be sorry unless you want me to dump your a ss in
the trash where i picked you from” the director complained.
“You! since you’re eager to f`uck see me in my office when
you’re done” the director said with a tone of finality.
“..and you too, you f`uck with your d`ick, not your finger!” the
director said facing emeka.
“Now let’s get back to business, tape rolling, Action!”
The light skinned lady climbed the sofa with Emeka sitting below,
she used her hands to open her pussi wide and they started
f`ucking with woman-on-top position. She was winning her
waist on Emeka d`ick like she was in a twerking competition.

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Suddenly a mighty drop of Pour started raining of them from
above through the PVC ceilings. Emeka quickly snapped from
dream to reality. He has had a terrible wet dream because his
entire boxer were full of Pour. He managed to open his eyes
and checked the boxer, he saw the mess but he was too weak to
stood up so he continued sleeping.

Emeka started having wet dreams at the age of 16yrs then he
had it atleast 3 times in a week but as time went on he only had
it once in a blue moon especially when he had an e`rotic thought
before he went to bed.
06:11am. Emeka woke up and dashed into the bathroom to wash
himself up. He realised that nocturnal emission had caused a
nuisance to most of his boxers so he went inner city to get some
new ones, he was at the shop then he heard someone called his
name hysterically, he turned to look at the person and it was the
light skinned half-caste, Jennifer. She was sitting alone in her
father’s SUV with the driver.
“Once bitten, but twice, never shy!” Emeka said and walked to

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