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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 3

He was glad that he was finally going to say goodbye to Amaka
and also collect her contact so that he could keep in touch with
her as he was going to park out of town the next day. He began
shouting her name on top of his voice but before he could reach
her, Amaka had already climbed a bike. He shouted her name for
the umpteen time, this time Amaka looked back and she noticed
that it was Emeka, she just waved at him while the bike zoomed
He was disappointed, the last hope he had of seeing the love of
his life had gone down the drain. He became mad at himself for
not letting Amaka knew how he feels about her, he was mad at
himself for not running fast enough, he was also mad at Amaka
who did not stopped when she saw him running towards her.
He swerve and made to return back to the field, then he saw his
bestfriend Chinedu running towards him with Usain Bolt speed
and shouting “dem win us oooo!” endlessly.

Emeka was still standing fearlessly until he saw the rest of his
so-called teammates chasing after them with different weapons
on their hands, he needed no rocket science to know what next to
do, he swiftly removed his pan slipper from his feet and they both
flee for their lives.
Though still a teenager, Emeka had metamorphose into a man.
His masculine qualities had tripled. He could be mistaken for
Tyler James Williams, he now had six pack and well shaped
Since his Arrival to the centre of Excellence, he had began a
unisex boarding school in Ikorodu. He was in Art class as he
wanted to become a lawyer. Emeka could be described as an
epitome of intellect, a wit in the making. He was amongst the
most intelligent in school, the teachers loved him but the girls
loved him more. They had tried numerous methods to get his
attention but to no avail. Their efforts were fruitless as he always
shun the girls away.

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He was hell-bent on keeping his promise to Amaka. The school
authority tried to make him the head-boy but they could not
succeed. The science students who monopolized the school
voted against him because they despise him, they also felt it was
an abomination for an Art student to become the head-boy
during their era. It has been a normal phenomenon for a science
student to retain that position.
Emeka was also nominated to contest his class prefectship
election but he declined. In his defence he knew he was a
talkactive and it will not be fair to punish people for what he was
guilty of, also, he felt leadership position is an opportunity to lead
and not to intimidate other so he had better be on a neutral

In the end of the day, Jennifer became the class prefect. She is an
half-caste. Her father Mr. Owolabi is a renowned politician who
is based in lagos and once married to an italian woman. Jennifer
came to Nigeria after her parents divorced and began living with
her father. She is tall, skinny, light skinned with pink lips. She
was a rich girl, her father had spoilt her, he literally gave her
anything she asked for. Although she was living an extravagant
lifestyle but she was also brilliant. She had planned to study
Theatre art because of her love for acting but her father kicked
against the idea insisting she must be a lawyer. She knew that to
become a lawyer she needed to have a pass in literature but that
was her deficiency. She hated literature because however how
hard she tried she never seemed to understand the subject.
Unlike Jennifer, Emeka was a guru in that aspect, he understood
the embodiment of literature, glossary of literary appreciation,
figures of speech, and had practically read almost all the poems
and Novels recommended for their forth coming WAEC.

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N:B: WAEC means West Africa Examination council.
Jennifer knew there was no way she could pass on her own so
she turned to Emeka since they were in the same line of

There was bewilderment in the atmosphere, WAEC was just
around the corner, student who had not started reading became
obsessed with the library, the girls were not let out as they
participated in night reading. These preliminary measure was to
ensure that they all passed the exam. Prior to this moment,
Jennifer had pleaded with Emeka to tutor her in literature and
without hesitation he agree. It became a daily routine as they
both went together for night reading until one faithful night. On a
normal day Emeka would go alone to the library to read but since
it was the both of them they decided to use an empty classroom.

It was about 10:00pm, there was no light, so they went along
with chargeable lanterns which they use in the hostel. Emeka had
gone about 15 minutes into the lecture, he was teaching her
about the Rudiments of Analysing a poem and knowing their
figures of speech, suddenly Jennifer began acting strange.
Emeka was repeatedly asking if she understood but silence
answered. He slowly turned to look at Jennifer who was sitting
directly opposite him and she wore a “give it to me” look. She
was licking her pink lips and pouting at the same time. Suddenly
she opened her skirt wide and began to poke her kitty-cat. It
seemed like her heavenly feeling had climax to the apex.

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Emeka sat transfixed, he was agape as words barely came out
from his mouth.
“Jen.. Jen.. Jennifer, what are you doing?” he finally spoke.
“what does it look like?” she answered his question with a

Jennifer had an accent that could be traced to black communities
in America. Her command of English was Eloquent and Fluent.
She cat-walked from her seat to where Emeka sat. Emeka was
just looking like a Zombie as he could not utter a word. She sat
fully on his lap and kissed him. It was a sweet s£nsat!on, Emeka
had never kissed a girl before in his entire life. The last person
that kissed him was his mother and that’s when he was still a
Jennifer was whining her waist on his lap as his d’ick erected
almost tearing through his trousers.
“don’t you like what you see?” jennifer asked opening her bra,
she got no reply.
Emeka was lost in his thought, just then he reminisced his vow
about Amaka.
Amaka, you’re the love of my life, Although i might be leaving
you but my heart will forever remain for you, i see you as a good
girl and i want to spend the rest of my life with you, i promise to
remain celibate, and for not being able to propose my love for
you, i will remain a VIRGIN all because of you, This i promise.
He suddenly got back to his senses and pushed Jennifer aside.
She fell to the ground and yipped. She never expected Emeka to
react that way. Emeka quickly carried his textbooks and lantern
and ran out of the class leaving jennifer alone in the dark.

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