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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 28

When you’re caught committing a crime you’re served a
punishment which will act as a corrective measure to prevent
you from committing such crime in a later date.

But when you
escaped being caught that should serve as a detereant to abstain
from such crime because next time you may not be so lucky.

Some people only feel remorseful when they’re caught and then
put the blame on the devil, it’s quite funny because the devil is
never there to defend himself. Emeka was having s*x with a
woman about the age of his mother but to him, he wasen’t
breaking the law, perhaps he was only bending it.


03:25pm. “pon! pon! pon!”

Emeka’s parents had returned back from Abuja, Chiwe and Emeka
knew the sound of their parents SUV so they swiftly left what
they were doing inside and went to welcome them. Chiwe was
running while Emeka walked majestically like a king. Of course
he was a king, but his kingdom was Pussi. Emeka opened the
gate and quickly grabbed Chiwe to his shoulder while they drove
in because she was too anxious to see her mom again. To her, it
seemed like they had been gone for years. Emeka then walked up
to the SUV immediately it was parked and greeted, Chiwe also
ran to hug her mom. I still don’t know why daughters loved their
mother more than the father.
Mr. Chukwuemeka asked Emeka to open the boot and bring out
the goodies he bought from Abuja just then, the gate was flinged
opened. Aunty Bimbo and a Chubby Lady started walking to their
direction. They got to their stance and exchanged greetings.
Meanwhile, Emeka stood still to eavesdrop on what they were

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“thanks for helping us look after the kids while we were away”
emeka’s mom praised aunty bimbo on behalf of herself and her
“c’mon, it’s nothing. what are we neighbours for?” aunty bimbo
asked without expecting an answer.
“anyway, thank you very much, so who is this lady behind you?”
mrs. chidebere inquired.
“oh, she is my niece, her name is folake. she came all the way
from ogun to start staying with me” aunty bimbo explained.
“waoh! that’s nice. she is such a beautiful girl” mrs. chidebere
complimented folake while she chuckled and emeka frowned.
“ba wo ni (how are you?)” emeka’s mom asked folake.
“dada ni mo wa (i’m fine)” folake replied smiling.

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“chidi, what are you standing there for, will you get those things
inside!” mr. chukwuemeka said raising his voice.
“uhm.. we have to be on our way now. i’ll see you later” aunty
bimbo said and left with folake.

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Folake is a 21-year-old niece of Aunty Bimbo. She was exactly
the photocopy of Aunty Bimbo because they both share the same
features such as: Boosty nature, drugs a`ss certified hips, big
b’oobs and sleek skin. The only difference between them was
that, Folake had a baby-face look and she was also a virgin.

Folake came to live with her Aunty in Lagos because since she
finished secondary school at the age of 17, she had written post-
ume four consecutive times without success. Some of her friends
whom they finished school together had since secured admission
and no longer tally along with her, even her mother always
insulted her of how her youngers were in school except her.

Folake could no longer curtail the embarrasement so she called
Aunty Bimbo prior to that time that she was coming to live with
her and also enrol for the next jamb there.
Emeka had dropped the first goody bag and instead of going to
get another he went straight to the gate and started peeping at
Aunty Bimbo and Folake who were walking down the street. He
held both of his hands to his head and mumbled inaudibly “orobo
tho bad!” He was refering to Folake because she gathered both
front and back. He smiled and left the gate to continue packing
the goods inside.

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05:02pm. Emeka sat on the bench of a provision store beside his
house and was observing the babes passing by. He was looking
for a pretty girl who he was going to chyke but none seemed
passing. He angrily brought out his phone and dialled Ella’s
“hello boo!” ella said immediately she answered the call.
“i’m fine darling, how was your day” emeka enquired.
“hmmm, it was boring untill i heard your voice” ella said.
“erm..erm, you’re making me blush” emeka literally said with a
straight face.
“for you mind! you know dark people don’t blush” ella said

“don’t mind me jare. anyway, i was hoping we could hang out
sometime”emeka said.
“uhm… i’m kind of stucked up these days, whenever i am less
busy i’ll definately let you know” ella lamented.
“okay naw! have a nice day” emeka said and ended the call

Emeka plugged his earpiece to his phone and started playing
“orobo” by sound sultan. Just then he sighted Folake the Orobo
walking towards his direction.

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