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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 27

Revenge was written all over Emeka’s face as he f`ucked Aunty
Bimbo simultaneously. Emeka recalled the painful experience he
encountered when he was been defiled by Aunty Bimbo then he
mightyly grabbed her a[s]s from behind, he raised her up very
close to his d`ick and began f`ucking her with wheelbarrow style
as he stood on the bed. The pussi must had provided him with
glucose because he held about a 200 pound lady without any
strain of pain or tiredness.

Aunty Bimbo who was feeling the impact continued wailing
hysterically as if Emeka’s d`ick had an invisible burning furnace.

Emeka la!d her down and began f`ucking her with T-square
position as Aunty Bimbo’s knees were raised upward.

The condom soon slacked and Emeka made to wear another
while Aunty Bimbo breath thousand sigh of relief in a second. It’s
as though she needed life support because she could passed out
at any moment. Emeka who cared less about her present
predicament smirked as he wore the condom.

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“who taught you how to f`uck?” aunty bimbo asked a rhetorical
question. silly question ladies asked during s*x.
Emeka looked at her scornfully and ignored her jamb question.
He climbed the bed and turned her around, he continued
yanshing her but this time he was hitting her with d`oggy style
and caressing her b`oobs at the same time.

Aunty Bimbo was a
bit advanced but her b`oobs were still pointed and fresh.
Aunty Bimbo was experiencing sweetness and pain at the same
time, she was m0an!ng blatantly and crying but the reason could
not be ascertained whether it’s as a result of the formal or the
latter, or perhaps it is the combination of both. The marathon s*x
was put to a halt as they heard the sound of footsteps
approaching towards the door.
It was little Chiwe, she had woken because of the continuous
m0an!ng and wailing. Emeka became alert and hid behind the
door while Aunty Bimbo quickly used the mattress to cover her

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“knock! knock!” was the sound emanating from the door as chiwe
[email protected] it slowly.
“come in!” aunty bimbo said seconds later feigning a sleeping
Chiwe pushed the door and walked majestically towards Aunty
Bimbo staggering because she was still deep in sleep.
Meanwhile, the door created a shade for Emeka when Chiwe
opened it.
“aunty where are you crying?” chiwe asked with a faint tone.
“it’s my father, he’s currenctly ill in the hospital” aunty bimbo
lied admist sobbing.
“Stop crying aunty, God will heal him” Chiwe prayed.
“thanks darling! you’re a sweetheart. you can now go back to
your bed. i’ll be okay” aunty bimbo said bluntly trying to change
the topic.
“ok, but promise me you’ll stop crying” chiwe said.
“i promise” aunty bimbo replied nonchalantely.
Chiwe hugged her and made to leave, immediately she turned
round she sighted a condom on the floor and picked it.
“aunty, are you the owner of this baloon?” chiwe asked aunty
bimbo with ignorance while emeka’s heart skipped ten bits in a
split second.

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“uhm.. yes it’s mine. please give it to me” aunty bimbo said
stretching her hand to collect it while chiwe gave her.
“there is another one on the ground and there is water inside”
chiwe said as she bent to picked it.
“oh, don’t mind me jor, i need to learn how to keep my things
properly” aunty bimbo said smiling.
Chiwe finally left and barked the door from outside without
noticing Emeka hiding behind it. Emeka did the cross sign and
heaved a sigh of relief.
He ran towards Aunty Bimbo and kissed her before dashing to
his room.

Cheew!! That was close.

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