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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 24

Emeka could barely thank her as that wouldn’t be necessary at
that moment. He was really grateful that despite his sin God could
still send someone to rescue him in time of distress. Emeka stood
in front of the lady without them uttering a word to each other, he
could not help trying to recalled what she looked like. She was
indeed an angel sent from above.

She was the most beautiful girl he had seen after Amaka and for
the first time since he became a player Emeka fell in love with
someone at first sight. Is it really possible for a player to fall in
love? Emeka was lost in his thought, he wanted to have a
chemistry going with the lady but he was scared to fall in love
again after what Amaka did to him.

Emeka later got entrance into the examination hall, he was elated
and nervous at the same time. He was elated because of the sight
of the pretty girls that lurks about. He was sure going to f`uck alot
of pussis. On the other hand, he was nervous should he fail the
exam, all his hope would go down the drain. The exam materials
were soon distributed, Emeka prayed a fake prayer before opening
the question sheet. Emeka was a master of scannng so he quickly
scanned through the whole questions, they were not so strong like
Chinedu claimed.

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This time, he waited for the exam invigilators to asked them to
commence before he did so, he started answering the questions in
a rapid pace to avoid stories that touch. He finished shading
before the speculated time elapsed but decided not to submit yet,
he started proof-reading to avoid loopholes and errors.

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He continued doing so untill they were all asked to submit.

He heaved a sigh of relief and joined the mighty number of student
who trooped out of the exam hall. He sighted the lady who paved
way for him to enter the line so he ran towards her.
“hello!” emeka greeted.
“oh, hi!” she said suprised.
“thanks for today” emeka praised her.
“oh, it’s nothing! how are you doing?” she asked.
“i’m doing fine, how was the exam to you” emeka enquired.
“it was quite okay, the admission list will tell better” she said
“you’re right, may i know your name” emeka inquired.
“my name is ada, and you?” she asked.
“i am chidi” emeka replied raising his eyebrow.

Emeka liked Ada instantly, she was friendly and caring. She also
dressed moderately and her hairstyle was simple. She seemed like
a really nice girl, emeka thought to himself.

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Suddenly, someone
tapped him on the shoulder. It was Lizzy.
“hey chiboy!” lizzy said smiling sheepishly.
“i have to be on my way now” ada said and left.
Emeka was fuming in anger, Lizzy was becoming a plague to him.

She always showed up at the wrong place and at the wrong time.
He didn’t even get the opportunity to ask Ada for her number.
Immediately Ada left, Lizzy also left. It was obvious she only came
to scatter their gathering. Emeka felt the spurred to give her a dirty
slap but then hitting a lady was unlike him so he let her be. Emeka
walked back to his lodge dejected hoping to see Ada another day.

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