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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 23

The era of examination is surrounded by anxiety and nervousness.

It is that period when you have to showcase your level of
seriousness towards a subject. However, examination is not a true
test of one’s intelligence, a vast majority of people who are yet to
gain admission into the university are sometimes better
academically than those in higher institution. Some people develop
cold feet when they’re about to write a crucial exam, other don’t.
The reason is not far fetched, If you don’t read, you can’t pass. But
how true is that statement? The first Jamb i wrote God knows i
read, then i was also writing my s.s.c.e which made the reading
more easier. On the day of the exam i saw questions which made
me ask myself if i ever read at all. You guys may say i am good in
economics with the analysis i made in my previous update, well
you’re not far from the truth. Economics used to be one of my best
subjects in secondary school untill i wrote it in Jamb, i swear i
could barely answer 40 correctly out of the 50 questions which
made me wondering where jamb gets their questions from.

I managed to score 197 in the end of the day. But guess what, in my
second Jamb i did not read at all, i was playing and browsing all
through. My parents would complain but to no avail. If it was
possible the would have seized my phone. To cut the long story
short, i scored 241. Examination also comes with rage and anger,
that awkward moment when you’re in an exam hall but you don’t
know what to write. Your mates are writing and time is flying,
you’ll feel like fainting. I remember during my waec exam a guy
punch a girl in the eye because she refused to allow him dub.
Could you believe that the guy actually wanted to dub her letter
writing? There are so many funny things that happens during an

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08:12am. Emeka was busy watching a movie on Chinedu’s laptop,
the time for his exam was 12pm. Chinedu was at home because
the school authority asked its students to remain at home during
the time of the post-ume. Two hours had gone and Emeka was still
at home watching movie untill Chinedu began warning him to
leave on time before the actual time postulated on his exam slip
but he would not listen. He was already dressed up so
immediately Lizzy walked into the room he disappeared
immediately in the speed of light.
Emeka walked a little and boarded a bike, they got inside the
school and he could see thousands of prospective candidates who
littered the enviroment. They formed different queues at strategic
locations. He alighted from the bike and paid the biker his fee. He
was confused as he didn’t know where to start from, only if he had
left home earlier because people who were writing by 2pm were
already there. He tried to enquire from some candidates which of
the lines we was supposed to start from but nobody paid a
listening ear to him. They were all busy striving for their lines
also. Emeka was downcasted, the line was as long as a main-
road. The candidates were roughly 30,000 persons. There was no
way he could start that line and also expect to write his exam that
day so he left and sat on a carpet grass below a broad tree.
While he was there alot of drama ensued, a guy who was trying to
sneak into a line got a thunderous blow in the mouth and lost two
of his tooth, it caused a stared untill soldiers came to restore
calm. A particular astsmatic patient passed out because of the
dust generated from that place, she knew what might happen but
refused to leave because she didn’t wanted to lose her line. When
the soldier cordinating the exercise left for a while, alot of
candidates rushed into the line thereby pushing and pressing
those who were already there and a lady fainted in the process
before they later took her to the school clinic. It was a battle of the

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Six hours later, Emeka was still sitted there, he was optimistic that
he was going to write the exam that day but didn’t know how it
was going to happen. Though, the line was becoming short but it
was getting late and he was dead-hungry. Just then, he saw
someone beckoning on him to come, he looked to the person and it
was a strange lady. The lady who had been observing him for the
past six hours felt pity for him and asked him to come join the line.
Emeka looked sideways to be sure that he was the one being
called and was convinced as nobody else was sitted there except
him. At first, he was scared to go because of the presence of the
soldier but mustered courage and stylishly walked towards the
lady. Emeka caught a glimpse of her face but he didn’t knew her,
the lady quickly asked him to stepped in front of her before the
soldierman noticed what they had done. She deliberately risk her
admission for Emeka because if she was caught her exam slip
would either be torn or she would not be allowed to write the exam
that day.

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