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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 22

We are all living in a world of class a status. There are the rich
and poor, the old and young and the beauty and the beast. What
is not yours is not yours. Guys have all the rights to be choosy
as regard looks because no guy is ugly. Moreso, it’s quite odd
how ugly girls gets attracted to cute guys. It’s true money make
the world spin round, so long a guy is neat, fashionable, and
most importanty financially endowmed then such guy is equal to
the task. intimate satisfaction is as more important than looks in
a relationship, a girl can dump her boyfriend if he can’t satisfy
her on bed, that why when you walk up to woo a girl the first
thing she does is to observe the size of your d’ick if it’s up to
14inches. These days girls don’t opt for good-looking guys any
longer. They believe all cute guys are too nice, players and
broke. It’s funny because the not good looking guys get la!d more
than the cute guys. The average nigerian girl will purposely be in
a relationship with a bad guy who is prone to break their heart
and when the expected happens she will start saying all guys all
dogs. Some girls are just confused, they don’t know what they
Ever wonder why you don’t have an e’rection when you see an
Unclad mad woman, that’s because you have no feelings
whatsoever towards her. Now Lizzy is quite sane but her facial
qualites could barely give a guy an e’rection. She is short, with
pimple infested face, her teeths are disjointed and her lips
coarse. She also has yam legs and almost flat-b’oobs but still
she doesn’t want to fit in her category.
Emeka had no feelings for Lizzy but her busy-body attitude will
not let him be. He was trapped in the room like a rabbit trapped
in a cell-cage. There was no escape route. Emeka stood
transfixed, there was nothing he could do, he had to play along.
Lizzy walked up to him and held his d’ick. Suddenly a mighty
current flew through his body like an electromotive power in a

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“she no fine no mean say her kpekus no go fine naw” emeka
thought to himself.
Lizzy pushed Emeka to the wall and started kissing him,
suddenly Emeka reciprocated the gesture. Admist the kissing
spree Emeka place his hands under her dress and started
pressing the pressable. Lizzy also lossen his belt and started
massaging his d’ick, instead of her to be caressing the d’ick she
was draggng it like she wanted to pull it off. It was quite painful
which infuriated Emeka. He angrily swept her off her feet and
landed her on the bed, Lizzy did not let go of his d’ick either, it
seemed as though she wanted to chop it off. Emeka got vexed
and placed five of his fingers together, he dipped them inside her
pussi all at once and Lizzy screamed blatantly.
“shebi you dey find fu”ck abi, i go give you tire today” emeka
Just like magic, her pussi swallowed his five fingers, Emeka was
shocked, he had never seen a pussi opened so wide like a well
before. Chinyere was an epitome of “Small but Mighty” She was
only seventeen and her pussi was that wide, later she will say
she wants to marry a God-fearing man. Even God go fear am.
Chinyere started laughing, she was enjoying the whole show as
she was still dragging his d’ick. Emeka took it as a competition
and started punching her pussi with his fist. For where? Her toto
just dey swallow im hand in and out. Emeka had a flash trance
where he saw the pussi laughing at him. He was in a state of
total dilemma. Suddenly he remember he had an exam to write
the next day and he was busy fu”cking instead of reading. A
thrust on his d’ick the umpteen time brought him back to reality,
he flinched and stood up from the bed in a split second.
Emeka arranged his clothes properly and asked Lizzy to leave,
she was adamant because she had not tasted the real kpomo

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“pleas naw, one more!” lizzy pleaded.

“never!, leave this room now!” emeka commanded.

Lizzy was still pleading as Emeka bundled her outside and
barked the door.

“we shall see, you will regret this” lizzy boasted.
Emeka breath a sigh of relief, it has been an interesting day.
Time for post-ume.
“All along it was a fever
A cold sweat hot-headed
I threw my hands in the air, I
said show me something
He said, if you dare come a little closer
Round and around and around
and around we go
Ohhh now tell me now tell me
now tell me now you know” Those were the lyrics of Rihanna’s
‘Stay’ featuring Mikky Ekko blaring hysterically from Emeka’s
phone on the morning of his post-ume exam. Emeka had already
woken up very early that morning, he was scanning through the
current affair he bought. All fu`ck and no seriousness makes
Emeka a dull boy. Emeka had been reading towards the Exam
since 3:00am until his phone staring ringing at exactly 6:15am.
Before he answered the phone he checked the name of the caller
and it was his mum.

“hello mummy, good morning!” emeka greeted immediately he
answered the phone.
“morning my dear, how are you doing?” she enquired from the
other end.
“i am fine mummy, how is daddy and chiwe” emeka asked.
“we’re all fine, hope you have been reading for your exam?” she

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“yes ma, i am currently reading also” emeka added.
“that’s nice, success is yours” his mother prayed.
“amen” emeka answered.
“alright, how is your friend chinedu?” she asked.
“he is still in dreamland” emeka jokingly said.
“okay, send my regards to him” she replied admist giggling.
Emeka hung up and continued reading or should i say scanning.
Truth is, Emeka was cramming the year in the current affairs
textbook. Reading history is one thing, remembering the year in
another thing. Emeka had later went to several shops in
university of nigeria, nsukka yet he couldn’t get the past
questions to purchase. He prefered reading past questions
because it’s more precise and direct. He was getting tired of
reading the current affair so he took his phone and opened his
browser to google the past questions online. Immediately he held
his phone he remembered he had missed his facebook friends so
he decided to check if he had any inbox message. The page
loaded and he saw he had a friend request from a certain
Emmanuela. Emeka tried to recalled where he knew her from but
got no clue so he proceeded to accept the request, he checked
her picture and he remembered almost immediately. It was the
lady he met during his journey to UNN, the lady that asked him to
stand up from her sit. Pictures they say bring back memories.
Ella liked him no wonder she used Emeka’s blackberry to log into
her facebook account.
Emeka smiled, he had caught a big fish.

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