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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 21

In economics, it is stated that human wants are insatiable.

humans are not usually contented with what they have, hence
they need more. In an abnormal order, my scale of preference
will be in a descending to ascending order, reason being that
money is limited and non-consistent. If i have a huge amount of
money with me i’d rather utilise it to purchase something
valuable at that moment because the more it remains in my
wallet the more i’ll use it to buy crap, and in the end of the day
i’ll have nothing to show. Emeka demanded for kpekus and got
supplied than he bargained for. The law of sexology states that
the prettier the lady the higher than quantity demanded and the
uglies the lady the lower the quantity demanded. Emeka’s
marginal utility was still at the high side before his d’ick
diminished it by subsiding. Lizzy wanted a joint production with
Emeka without considering the factors to consider. Emeka’s urge
for s*x which inflated few hours before had suddenly deflated
because of lack of capital e’rection which is the major cause of a
company’s liquidation.

Emeka read the message with rapt attention, he wanted to ensure
his eyes were not deceiving him. His total energy had been
exhausted after running a marathon sexcapade with Chinyere
and now Lizzy want a round two. The only way he was going to
fu”ck Lizzy is if he wanted his obituary to reads “Gone too soon,
died by kpekus” With the degree of Lizzy uglyness it won’t be
suprising if her kpekus has teeth, those kind of teeth that’s
capable of chopping off one’s d’ick. Emeka got back his senses
and ran straight to his room. There was no way he was going to
fu”ck Lizzy. He went into the kitchen and put a pack of hungry
man size indomie on the stove. He wind down the glass of the
window and was about to threw away the nylon of the noodle
through the kitchen window then he sighted Lizzy and Chinedu
from the beginning of the route leading to their lodge, they were
both walking back home. Emeka did the cross sign and said a
little prayer. He went back to the room and started watching a
p’orn video from his phone then his d’ick magically risen. When
he needed the d’ick to rise it didn’t, he hissed and closed the
video. This time he could hear the voices of Chinedu and Lizzy
gisting as they walked closer to the lodge, he swiftly went into
the bathroom and hid there. They both walked inside the room
but Emeka was no where to be found.

“chidi! chidi!” lizzy called out emeka’s name but he refused to
“maybe he’s not at home” chinedu suggested.
“..but who is cooking in the kitchen?” lizzy asked straining her
eyes towards the kitchen.
Chinedu went closer into the kitchen and checked what was on
the fire. He was glad that Emeka was cooking something
because “man must wack” was dead hungry.
“maybe he went to buy eggs from mama nkechi’s shop” chinedu
said to lizzy since noodles were on the fire.
“owk o! just let him know that i want to see him when he comes
back” lizzy said and left.
Chinedu fell on the bed like a bag of garri. The lecture was hectic,
he prolly did not grasp anything from all the lecturer taught. The
lecturer was teaching food nutrition but there was no food which
made the worms in his stomach irritated. Just then, Emeka
stepped out from the bathroom.
“guy how far naw!” chinedu saluted.
“i dey oo!, how lectures?” emeka enquired.
“lectures just dey jor, na you dey cook indomie?” chinedu asked.
“yeah, hunger dey wire me no be small!” emeka complained.
“no be only you oo, you no hear wen lizzy dey call your name?”
chinedu asked.
“nah, not at all! wetin she talk?” emeka asked.
“she talk say she wan see you” chinedu replied him.
“ok, i don hear” emeka said and went back to the kitchen.

Emeka avoided Lizzy for the rest of the day until evening.


08:35pm. Emeka and Chinedu came back to their lodge from a
play station centre in the outskirt of the school where they went
to play games and also charge their phones because there was
no light in the lodge. Chinedu dipped his hand inside his pocket
to bring out the room key then he realised that he forgot his
phone in the playstation house where he was charging it. He
gave Emeka the key and quickly ran back there to get his phone
before somebody else steals it. Emeka ignited the door with the
key and opened it. He stepped inside but the room was dark so
he locked the door and searched for the chargeable lantern.
Immediately he puts on the lantern he saw a shadow behind him
which startled him. He slowly turned to see the mysterious being,
it was Lizzy. She was clad in a s*xy** mini-skirt and transparant
“i don die!!” emeka mumbled inaudibly.

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