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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 20

Since the very moment Chinyere set her eyes on Emeka she has
had a fling on him, but the low profile lifestyle she was living
when ever she was in the lodge hindered her emotions. Chinyere
knew her roommate Lizzy was the busy body type who claimed
all the guys they both knew was her boyfriend and Emeka would
not be an exception so she kept her distance.

It’s funny how ugly
girls have so much confidence with their looks while the pretty
ones let their beauty do the talking. There is this saying that “The
beautiful ones are not yet born because the ugly ones refused to
die.” Those who use social networking sites will agree that girls
who uses s*xy** usernames are usually ugly.

Sometimes i don’t
blame them because it’s the guys who continually deceive them
with lies of how beautiful they look just because they want to
taste from their honey-pot. The girls are not helping matters
because they despise hearing the truth. When you tell an ugly girl
that she is ugly then you’ve committee an offence. When you
also tell a fat girl that she is fat then you have committee a
bigger offence. All girls want to hear is the truth of the lie.

Ironically, if a girl is ugly, guys chases after her and if a girl is
good-looking guys do the same. Lizzy was ugly but she had the
confidence, attention and coupled with numerous boyfriends.
Chinyere knew Chinedu was not around and her body lotion were
far from finished. How can a runz girl ever run down of superfical
ornaments? It’s just like saying a p’rostitute became a virgin
after she was born again. Chinyere purposely lied about the
bodycream thingy, what she really wanted was Emeka and funny
enough Emeka wanted her too.

Emeka was scattering the whole room in search of the body
cream Chinedu used before he left for class.

Never underestimate
the powerf of spiritual konji. The cream was on the reading table
directly staring at Emeka but he was too obsessed with his
obscene thought to noticed it. He was about rushing to Mama
Nkechi’s shop to get a new one then he saw the cream. By this
time, he was already sweating profusely, he heaved a sigh of
relief and smirked. He grabbed the cream and dashed out of the
room but not after pocketing a pack of condom.
“knock! knock!” was the sound vibrating on the door of room7 as
Emeka [email protected] it frantically.

“come in, the door is open” lizzy said from inside.
Emeka opened the door to behold a diva. Chinyere was sitted on
the bed with both of her legs stretched forward.

The towel was
short, hence it stopped at her waist.
“this is the cream” emeka said as he gave her and waited a little.
“thankk you!, mind helping me rub it on my back” chinyere said
with a s*xy** voice.
“i’d loved it” emeka obliged and began his duty as a massage

Chinyere la!d on the bed with her face downward. The towel was
no longer useful as it barely covered anything. Emeka caught a
glimpse of her Bottom, it was p’antyless. It was definately going
to be an interesting ride. Emeka slowly moved to her neck whilst
Chinyere shrug and made some expletive sound.

Just like magic,
Chinyere frolicked, she was now facing Emeka with her b’oobs
standing upright.
“do you like what you see?” chinyere asked a rhetorical question.
“i don’t like it, i love it” emeka said biting his lips.
“come closer!” chinyere said placing emeka hands on her

Emeka hands were doing wonders but the b’oobs were too turgid
and small so he went for the pussi. The sight of the pussi were
gross, it was like a forest with different wild animals. Chinyere
does not fancy shaving so there was so much hair on her pussi.

He dipped a finger inside and Chinyere m0aned. Emeka was
finger fu’cking her and caressing her b’oobs at the same time.

He dipped two fingers inside and this time Chinyere remembered
the day she was born. Pour started gushing out from Emeka’s
rod. It was causing a mess to him so he removed his entire
clothes. Chinyere stood from the bed and squatted on her knees.

Emeka joined her and they started kissing without removing their
lips from each other.
Emeka la!d her on the bed and started licking her pussi. This
time she m0aned harder than ever. It’s as though the muscles in
the tongue is stronger than the veins in the d’ick. She also
sU-Cked Emeka’s d’ick which made him flinch. Emeka brought out
the packet of condom in his pocket and tried to put it on but to no
avail. He was still a minor who didn’t know how to wear a
condom, Chinyere laughed and collected it from him. She lossen
the condom and wore it on his d’ick in a split second. Chinyere
was far from good, She was a bad girl gone worst. Emeka thrust
Chinyere to the bed. He was about to insert his d’ick inside
Chinyere’s pussi then the unexpected happened.
Lizzy barged into the room without knocking, the busy body
caught both of them right handed.

There is that something we all never want to be caught doing
because the effect could cause a reflex action. Most nigerian
girls claim that they don’t eat eba but when they fall ill and
throw-up in public the kind of balls they sallow can literally
resurrate solomon grandy from the tomb. When you were little, i
know you used to steal meat from mummy’s pot and when you’re
caught you’d be like “i don die today!” some people are
professionals in lying. Should lying be a course in the university,
shegxy will graduate with firstclass.

Once upon a time in school i went to a nearby farm very close to
my lodge to do shortput.
N:B: Shortput means “to s’hit inside a bush or in a nylon and
dispose of it” university students know what i am talking about.

Those who school in Kogi state university know that we have
shortage of water. A keg of water from mairuwa is sold at
45naira while i fetch water for people free in my father’s house.

N:B Mairuwa is an hausa word used to refer to people who sell
water in trunks. They are commonly found in places with limited
water supply.

The idea of time was about 5:20am, i was just there doing my
thing, omo dat s’hit strong no be small. It was the result of the
concortion rice my roomate cooked the previous evening. You
needed to hear the way i was screaming like a woman who was
in labour. Suddenly i saw a human figure approaching towards
my direction, the person pointed a touchlight to my face which
blurred my vision. I squatted behind a bush so people could not
see me. I thought the person was a passerby so i stayed put.

I was puzzled as the figure came closer to me, i shifted a little and
saw his face. It was the farmer who owns the farm i was s’hiting.

I quickly stood up and took my my heels with my bulala dangling
about. I would never forget that day. Jeez! the man should even
be grateful that i was fertilizing his farm. I was also happy that it
happened early in the morning when people were still asleep if
not all those amebo girls wey dey my lodge go see the size of my
huge bulala wey i dey plan to launch on them. Now back to my
Emeka and Chinyere were caught having s*x by Lizzy, the
madam theresa of life. Emeka was trying to cover his d’ike but it
was too late. They stood still for a second without uttering a
word and to their greatest suprise Lizzy just walked inside,
changed her clothes and left almost immediately. The fu’cking
continued but not after Chinyere went to lock the door. Emeka
finally inserted his d’ick inside her pussi while she m0aned but
as a novice Emeka was banging Chinyere at a slower pace.
“harder! harder! harder!” chinyere screamed above her voice.
“uhm..mmh, humh, yaah!” emeka m0aned.
The first condom became slack so he opened a new one,
Chinyere was not dulling at all. She was sU-Cking his d’ick while
Emeka opened the condom. Emeka who was a fast learner wore
the condom by himself this time. He was going to re-enact the
s*x styles he once saw in a p’orn video so he bent Chinyere over
and was banging her with d’oggy style. They were both panting
and sweating. They have been fu’cking for the past thirty
minutes. Chinyere was getting exhausted then Emeka spank her
on her a’rse, she yipped and gained some more strength. Emeka
wanted to fu”ck her through the an’us but Chinyere declined. It
seems she is not a fan of backdoor fu’cking. Emeka remembered
when Aunty Bimbo asked him to search for the key in her b’oobs
then he grabbed Chinyere left b0s0m. Though Chinyere had small
b’oobs but he was sU-Cking it like it was a milk factory. It was a
painful experience for Chinyere so she pushed his face aside.

Emeka’s e’rection was beginning to subside but he was not tired
of fu’cking so he resulted to his fingers. He placed two of his
fingers inside her pussi and was finger fu’cking her in a rapid
manner. Soon Emeka was getting tired of the whole finger
fu’cking but his d’ick refused to rise again. His energy had totally
been exhausted. He called it quit and made to wear his clothes.

Just then, his phone beeped. He picked the phone and it was a
message from Lizzy.

The message reads “when you’re done with my friend know that
it is my turn” Emeka placed both of his hands on his head, he
had no more energy to fu”ck and his d’ick had refused to rise.

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