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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 19

Uncle Eze started pulling off his clothes before he even got to his
bedroom. One of the buttons was stuck so he threw Amaka to his
bed and torn the clothes with anger. Amaka smiled in return and
bit the tip of her finger in a s*xy** way. Uncle. Eze was on top
Amaka and they started another round of hot kisses. They were
licking their tongue and exchanging saliva. Amaka was not
contented, she went to his trouser and took off his belt, see
unzipped his trouser and brought out the imprisoned anaconda.

Amaka was shocked when she saw the d’ick. It was the size of
an average snake. She put the d’ick into her mouth but it was too
huge to fit in, she spat on it and started to caress it. Mr. Eze got
to his heavenly feeling as his anaconda brought out some white
thick fluid content. He was cuming and Amaka was swallowing.

Amaka pushed him aside and started to pull off her p’anty, she
had already squirted on her body. Uncle. Eze utilised that
opportunity to remote his entire clothes. He cared less about the
mess Amaka had done to herself. Still on the bed he drew Amaka
closer with her legs upward and poke his d’ick inside her pussi.

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Amaka screamed thunderously as she bit her down lip and
slapped him on the chest. Uncle. Eze was fu”cking her open and
close. Though Amaka was not a virgin before, she cried because
that was the biggest d’ick her pussi had swallowed. Amaka had
been having s*x since she was sixteen but those guys had small
d’ick which made her wanted to taste that of a master. Amaka
was not even a virgin before Emeka left for Lagos. The guy that
disvirgined her was the son of a bishop in her church. She and
the guy were in the same choir group in church. After that time
Amaka has had s*x with four other guys with Uncle. Eze making
the sixth. Uncle. Eze was teaching her bedmatics equation on
bed and Amaka struggled to look for X. He switched to
logarithms while Amaka wailed for not having the four figure
table. He was simoteneously yanshing Amaka as they moved to
simoteanous equation. Amaka was not good in calculus so only
Uncle Eze was was doing the calculations.

Bodmas was not left
out, Uncle Eze had the pleasure of fu”cking her through the
an’us. Amaka who was crying was now smiling, the d’ick
stressing elastically was now flexible through her pussi. She
was enjoying every second of it. It was a beautiful s£nsat!on.

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Amaka had been having s*x with condom but this time it was
condomless which made it more sweeter. The rain soon stopped,
the light was restored and the s*x also came to an end. Amaka
was smelling fu”ck so she went into his bathroom to shower.

Three week later Amaka started acting strange, she was sleeping
all the time. Her mother asked her if she was alright and she
replied in the affirmative. One day she mistakenly threw-up when
she was eating which convinced her mother that something was
definately wrong. Admist resistant her mother dragged her to a
local chemist where she was declared pregnant.

The parents
discovered that her so-called teacher was responsible then they
asked her to parked out to his house. Uncle eze accepted his
responsibily and sent his girlfriend parking whilst bringing
Amaka in. Amaka became a laughing stock, she lost all her
friends, she stopped going to church, and the worst of all, her
education ceased to continue. She didn’t even finish secondary


“good afternoon sir!” emeka and chinedu greeted uncle eze in
“yes, how can i help you!” uncle eze barked.
“uhm…actua…hmmm, actually..i ” emeka stuttered.
“i know him, he was your student in ss1″ amaka said.
“and so?” uncle eze said unconcerned.
“actually, i just came back to enugu after two years so i thought i
should say hello to my longtime classmate amaka” emeka cuts
“as you can see you guys are no longer in school” uncle eze
“chidi, emeka, or whatever your name is, thanks for stopping by.

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you can leave now” amaka said bluntly.
“yes ma!” emeka said with respect.
“eze, let’s get back inside” amaka said without respect.
“let’s go jor, don’t mind all this small small boys” uncle eze said
indistintely as they walked back inside and shut the door.


Emeka and Chinedu climbed a bike back to five star lodge, Emeka
has just had the worst day of his life. He thought he was
dreaming but it was real. He had gone through alot of emotional
trauma because of the one he loved and that was his payback.

He was fuming in anger, somebody has to pay for all he had
gone through. Girls will pay!! He literally deleted love from his
dictionary and activated playboy mode.


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