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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 19

That awkward moment when you have been dying to see
somebody and when you eventually see them, they don’t give a
fuQ about you. Two years before, Amaka used to be that easy
going, churchy, introvert kind of girl. She was buoyant
academically and also a versatile student. Amaka was a famous
icon in church because of her role in pillotting the affairs of the
choir department. The pastor made her the teens choir mistress
because her melodious voice could desend angels from heaven.

Amaka looked innocent but her deeds were far from innocent.

She was a young girl into big things. Little wonder it is said that
some ladies who claim to be holy-holy are worst than the
p’rostitute on the street. When the church discovered that Amaka
was pregnant they were quick to slam her an indefinate
suspension but little did they know that the son of the bishop
disvirgined her. So many immoralities happening in the our
present day churches. Fast forward two year later, Amaka looks
had totally deteriorated, her sleek skin were gradually fading, she
now looks boosty like a woman who already had two children.

Emeka was supposed to be heartbroken but the reverse was the
case. He had suffered alot and he was not going to let that
experience bring him down. S’hit happens but life moves on. He
had totally forgotten about Amaka because better things lies
ahead. He took a drastic step to become a player and he was
never going to settle for less.

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The bike they boarded got to the commercial part of the school
then he remembered he had not been reading seriously for his
post-ume which was days ahead.

“bros stop, i wan buy something?” emeka said to the bikeman.
“wetin you wan buy?” chinedu enquired.
“na post-ume past questions?” he replied.

Emeka went to a far corner of the commercial market where they
can’t see him. He went to a pharmancy and ordered for Gold
circle. A female receptionist was the person in charge of the store
but he cared less. Emeka ordered for two packs of condoms while
the lady smiled. Emeka noticed the look on the lady’s face but
feigned ignorance.

“i must waste this condoms on somebody before i go back to
lagos” emeka mumbled to himself.

The lady brought the condoms and wraped it inside a black
nylon. Emeka paid and pocketed it.
“have a nice day” she said with a grin on her face.

“sure i will” emeka replied with a bigger grin on his face.

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Emeka left the pharmacy and branched a nearby bookshop. He
asked for UNN post-ume past questions but they didn’t have it.

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He just bought a current affair and left. He dashed out of the
store and started running towards the bikeman.
“oga abeg no vex, i no quick see the book buy” emeka lamented
as he got to their stance.
“see you go pay me 50 naira join the transport, i don dey wait
you for the past six minutes, you know how many people i go use
six minutes carry” the bikeman complained.

“no worry, dey go! i go add 50 naira join” emeka agreed and
climbed the bike.

“make i see the past questions wey you buy” chinedu enquired
from emeka.

Emeka knew it was not a past question but a current affair
textbook but then he could tell 100 lies a day and it will still
sound like the perfect truth so he gave Chinedu the book.

“na current affair dem give you oo!” chinedu shouted.
“chai, and i be tell the man say na post-ume past questions i
wan buy o” emeka said indiffrently.
“you sef, why you no check am when you buy am” chinedu
“i don go several stores already, as the man give me na so i
carry am dey run come because of the bikeman” emeka lied.
The bike got to five star lodge and they both alighted then paid
the bikeman his fee. They walked into their room while Chinedu
went to the bathroom, he was getting late for class that
afternoon. Chinedu broke a record for bathing for 59seconds. He
got dressed and left for class. Emeka was home reading for his
post-ume, the current affair wasen’t as useless as a thought. He
was a fast learner so he was scanning through the textbook in a
rapid succession.
Suddenly Chinyere barged into the room with a towel on her
waist. Both Lizzy and Chinyere are known for barging into the
rooms in five star lodge without knocking.
“Hi chidi!” chinyere greeted.
“hi, how you doing?” emeka enquired”
“i’m fine oo, where is chinedu?” she asked.
“he has gone to class, hope no problem?” emeka asked.
“not really sha, i just came to borrow his bodycream, my own
has finished.” chinyere blurted.

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“hmmm, i don’t really know where he kept it. but i’ll look for it
and bring it to your room!” emeka said smirking.
“alright, i’ll be waiting in my room” chinyere said and cat-walked
out of the room while shaking her bum-bum.
Emeka looked at his trouser, his d’ick was standing at attention.

Time for action film.

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