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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 17

Ironies of life. It’s funny how people cut down trees to make
paper and write on those papers “please save the trees.” Also,
it’s funny how people go to war to make peace.

Emeka was in a
war, but the battle was between him and himself.

His whole world
had just crumbled before him. If somebody had told him his
18year-old Amaka could get pregnant at that age he wouldn’t

Then the reality of the past appeared in the future.

He recalled saying…

“Amaka, you’re the love of my life. Although i might be leaving
you but my heart will forever remain for you. I see you as a good
girl and i promise to spend the rest of my life with you. I promise
to remain celibate, and for not being able to propose my love for
you, i promise to reman a virgin, all because of you. This i
Emeka felt he had being a foool all this while. He had countless
times to propose to Amaka but low self-esteem and shyness
were his setback. He really loved Amaka and had a picture of
getting married in the future. Because of his love for Amaka he
decided to remain celibate, he also humiliated Jennifer when she
tried to lure him into having s*x with her, he avoided Funmilayo
who was stalking him in school, he torn a love letter Najite sent
to him, he avoided Faith who was using the gospel to become his
girlfriend. He did practically the same thing to every girl who
came across his path just because of Amaka, not untill Aunty
Bimbo disvirgined him. He knew it was not Amaka’s fault
because he never made his intention known to her but what
bafflled him was how a young pretty girl like Amaka will stoop so
low to getting pregnant for the teacher she dreaded most.
Mr. Nwabueze was a 26year-old mathematics teacher. He was
very intelligent in teaching the subject but then he was also strict
which made student fear him alot. Mr. Eze was the man taking
Emeka and Amaka maths in ss1a. Amaka was very poor in
maths so whenever she didn’t do his assignment and he was
coming to class, Amaka will skip to ss1b to play with her friends
there untill Mr. Eze was through teaching before she will go back
to her class. Things began to take a new dimension when Amaka
got to ss3. Then it was the aura of Waec that flooded the air.

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Alot of student stopped coming to school after they registered for
outside lecture, others left the school and went to private
schools. Amaka’s parents knew her deficiency was mathematics
so they asked her if she knew anybody who could tutor her
maths as home lectures. Amaka suggested her maths teacher in
school, so the next day Amaka told him about the offer and he
agree. Amaka parents also agreed to pay him 10k per month.

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The teaching began to following monday and Amaka would
always go to his home for lectures by 2pm and close by 5pm.

During the course of the teaching Amaka got to know so much
about him. Mr Eze was actually a nice guy, he was only rude
when he was in school. He was also jovial as he would crack
jokes for Amaka and they would both laugh. Amaka fell in love
with his personality and sometimes she would be adamant to go
home even at 7pm. Mr. Eze had gotten into quarrels with his
girlfriend so many times because of Amaka, he was no longer
having her time. Amaka went to his home a particular sunday
evening when he had no business teaching her on sundays.
There Amaka met him and his girlfriend watching a movie on
television. Immediately he saw Amaka, he abandoned his
girlfriend and brought out his teaching textbook and began
tutoring Amaka. His girlfriend had gone through that before so
she angrily took her handbag and left his house. It was raining
that evening so they decided to use his sitting room instead of
the usual corridor. It was still evening but the weather had
suddenly turned dark. PHCN made it worst as they switched off
the light because of the weather condition. The whole room was
dark and they could not go outside because of the rain. Mr. Eze
kept his teaching book aside untill the light comes back. He
began cracking dry jokes and Amaka laughed so had almost
breaking her ribs. Amaka became engrossed with the laughter
and sometimes she would spank the teacher and roll on the floor.

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Mr. Eze cracked another dry joke and this time Amaka jumped on
his body laughing, suddenly she was done laughing but she
refused to leave his body. He was about to crack another joke
then Amaka pecked him on the cheek. He became still and stared
at Amaka directly in the eyes. Their lips became interlock as they
started kissing and tossing on the floor. Amaka took his hands
and thrust it inside her b’oobs. Mr. Eze was squeezing and
pressing the twins as Amaka m0aned. Everything was happening
on the coarse rug which made them inconvenient. Mr. Eze lifted
Amaka from the floor to his shoulder like a bag of pure water and
headed straight to his bedroom.

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