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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 16

For the first time in ten years, Chinedu cried. He knew the laptop
had been stolen because the door was wide open. Few minutes
ago he was the one laughing Emeka when his clothes were stolen
and now it has backfired. He sat on his bed crying and asked
himself, who will burgled into somebody’s room and steal a
laptop at that time of the day? Definately it can’t be the
neighbours because admist all the rooms in that lodge only them
had open that morning before they went to Lizzy’s room. Also, it
was only five star lodge that was located around that environ.
Though there were some other lodge but they were uncompleted
building. The million dollar question is, who stole the laptop bag,
because it cannot just develop legs and flee on its own.
Chinedu was literally crying like a baby as Emeka tried to
console him. Chinedu didn’t want to create a scene so he made
the wailing inaudible. He called the laptop his baby because he
didn’t have a girlfriend. Truth is, Chinedu had a couple of
girlfriend but he never saw them as his girlfriend and he didn’t
propose either. His motto was “done and gone” He loves his
private life so he saw no big deal in having a girlfriend.

According to him, when one has a girlfriend, they start losing
their single life, they can’t talk or walk freely with other girls
without a pinch of jealousy from his girlfriend, he can
concentrate properly on his education, he does not have to send
recharge card to his girlfriend when he doesn’t have in his phone,
he can sleep well without having sleepless night because of his
girlfriend. Of course you can call him stingy cause that’s exactly
what he is. Chinedu had s*x in his first week in UNN with a girl
he met during his clearance and deleted her number the next
day. He could still keep a girl after screwing her but when she
starts demanding for money he had to let her go. He always had
condoms in his wallet because anything could happen at
anytime. He was a bad guy to the core but he does his bad in
good ways.
Chinedu had since stopped crying, he started to ponder about the
whole event. Suddenly his mind asked him to open his luggage.
Lo and behold, his laptop and the bag was there. He was so
ecstatic as he could barely express his joy. Then he recalled he
was the one who actually kept the bag there when Emeka was
shouting his name earlier, he though it was the robbers that
came that’s why he hid it there. Also, when he dashed out of the
room he didn’t lock the door that being the reason it was open.
They both laughed at Chinedu’s stupidity and later ate the food
Chinedu was cooking in the kitchen.

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Chinedu and Emeka stepped out of their room all dressed up in
their best wears. Emeka wore a brown coloured chinos while
Chinedu gave him a top to wear. Chinedu was clad with jeans
and blue longsleeve top. They were off to search for Amaka.

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Emeka flaged a bike which took both of them inner town.

They alighted from the bike and boarded another bike to where Amaka
was living before Emeka left for Lagos. On getting there they
discovered that truly Amaka was no longer living there. Some
little children were playing football in front of the house so they
enquired from them if they knew where the formal occupant of
the house moved to, the kids did not know entirely who they were
referring to so they described Amaka in a particular way, but
Emeka quickly shook his head in disapproval. That can’t be his
Amaka. Emeka remembered Sandra, a friend to Amaka so they
went to her house. Immediately they got to her house he saw
sandra fetching water from a well.

“who am i seeing?” emeka said when he saw sandra.

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“o.m.g!, chidi, is that you?” sandra ran to hug emeka while they
both use questions to answers questions.

Sandra used to know Chinedu but could not recognise him untill
Emeka described who he was. They later exchanged

“actually i came to look for your friend Amaka, do you know her
whereabout?” emeka enquired.

“erm…that one, she does not stay with her parents anymore”
Sandra lamented.
“hope no problem?” emeka asked.
“not really sha, i can give you the address to where she is living
now, that’s if you don’t mind” sandra blurted.
“i’d really loved that” emeka said and sandra wrote the address
on a piece of paper.

They left sandra after exchanging greetings for the second time.

It has been two years since Emeka left Enugu but he knew the
place Sandra described to them like it was yesterday. Emeka
was beginning to suspect because what those children described
and the way Sandra was talking was kind of suspicious.

Emeka and Chinedu got to the street and house ascribed in the
paper. They knocked on the door and a man came out. Emeka
recognised the man, it was his ss1 maths teacher, not long
Amaka also came out, she was pregnant.

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