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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 15

Emeka stood transfixed, his clothes were no longer on the rope.

He went closer and checked sideways but still he couldn’t find
the clothes. Emeka thought a mighty wind blew them away over
night so he walked some kilomoters concentrating on the ground
but his search proved abortive.
“chinedu! chinedu!” emeka said shouting.
Chinedu sprinted out of the kitchen with speed, he was holding a
spoon on his hand.
“wey dem?! wey dem?!” he enquired looking at emeka frantically.
“wey dem who?” emeka said confused.
“ehm.. i bin think say you see thief, na so dem dey terrorize dis
area anything school wan go on break.” chinedu lamented.
“you be mumu oo, so if na thief, na spoon you wan take defend
yourself” emeka said.
“oh! i think say na knife i carry o” chinedu said shaking his
“no be only knife na sword. so you be wan follow thief fight.
shebi i don warm you make you no dey smoke wet igbo again”
emeka said jokingly.
“shut up i’diot, so why you com dey shout my name like woman
make wan deliver” chinedu inquired.
“actually, i no see my clothes wey i hang for that rope yesterday
evening” emeka said pointing to the rope.
Chinedu busted into an uncontrollable laughter, he was laughing
so hard like a mad man. He knew stealing was high in that area
but never envisage something to be stolen from someone who
was spending the first night in the school. Emeka had not even
secured admission yet and the real students had already
welcomed him. The thief did a good job of stealing only his new
clothes, they only left his boxer and singlet.

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“guy wetin make you dey laugh naw..” emeka said angrily.
“ehm…ehm, no vex jare, your clothes don enter one chance be
that. last week dem com steal somebody matress and laptop for
that lodge” emeka said admist panting and pointing to a lodge
across the street.
“na wa oo, so wetin i go com dey wear for the meantime?” emeka
asked indifferently.

“sha no be all your clothes you wash naw, and you fit dey wear
some of my clothes” chinedu blurted.

“no problem sha, but you need to keep your laptop well o” emeka

“trust me naw.. i dey carry am go class sometimes sef” chinedu


“Knock! Knock! Knock!” chinedu was banging the door of
Room7. Emeka was standing beside him.

“who is there?” chinyere shouted from inside.
Chinyere opened the door and they both walked inside. Chinedu
introduced Emeka to Chinyere only because Emeka had already
met with Lizzy the previous day.

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“your friend is cute!” Chinyere told Chinedu in igbo dialet. Emeka
who could not speak igbo had a hint of what Chinyere said but
pretended as though he didn’t hear anything.

Chinedu asked if they saw anyone take Emeka’s cloth from where
it was hung but their replies were negative.

Lizzy’s phone rang
while she picked it and started blowing gbagaun.

Incase i forgot
to mention, Lizzy was a student of mass-communication.

A mass comm student who could not speak fluent english. She was
seventeen year old but her pussi was wider than that of Aunty

N:B: GBAGAUN means “grammartical blunder”
Emeka was mute like a dumb while Chinedu gisted with Chinyere.

When they were done gisting, Chinedu and Emeka stood up and
made to leave.

“chinny baby! my one and only boyfriend” lizzy said as she
walked towards chinedu.

Chinedu knew what Lizzy was up to so he usually drops his
wallet in his room before going to Room7. It was a normal
routine for Chinedu to hid his wallet inside his luggage all the
time because Lizzy could show up anytime and take whatever
amount she pleases.

“i don’t have any money oo” chinedu said frowning.
“stingy boy, it’s just 50naira, i want to use it to fetch water.”
Lizzy said checking Chinedu’s pocket while using her orange
b’oobs to caress him.

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Chinedu swiftly brought out the whole content of his pocket and
it was empty. He did so to avoid getting an e’rection. He had
always told himself that he could never Bleep such an ugly
attention seeking b’itch.

“You’re too poor jor!” She said to chinedu hissing and then
turned to Emeka.
“please can you borrow me 50naira, i promise to pay you back”
Lizzy requested from Emeka.
“hmmm, i don’t have 50naira change with me. only 500naira is
what i have” emeka complained.
“don’t worry, i’ll bring the change for you” lizzy said.

Emeka the JJC brought out his wallet from his right pocket and
handed over a clean 500naira note to Lizzy.

N:B: JJC means “johnny just come”
What he doesn’t know is that Lizzy had no intention of giving him
any change. Lizzy sq££zed the money and kept in inside her bra
in the presence of Emeka. Though Lizzy was ugly but she had
nice pair of b’oobs.

Chinedu and Emeka got back to their room and discovered that
their door was ajar, Chinedu look to the wall where he usually
hung his laptop together with the bag but it was missing.

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