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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 14

“my name is emmanuela, but you can call me ella for short” she

“alright, my name is chidi.” emeka replied.
“goodbye!” they both said in unison and departed to different

Emeka brought out his phone from his pocket and dialled
Chinedu’s number.
“guy how far?” chinedu said from the other end after he answered
the call.
“i dey oo, i don dey school gate now” emeka said.
“confam! shey you still remember the name of the lodge wey i
send to you?” chinedu enquired.
“yeah! shebi na five star lodge” emeka said trying to confirm the
“your head dey there, just take any bike, tell the bikeman say na
five star lodge you dey go. everybody know the place” chinedu
“owk naw.. which room again?” emeka asked.
“Room6. once you reach there just knock, i dey inside.
“okay!” emeka said and ended the call.
Emeka pocketed his phone and beckoned at a bikeman. The man
swerve to Emeka’s stance. The biker was wearing a yellow
apron-like cloth. On the front of the shirt was an inscription “No
127″ that was his code number. All the motorcyles who ply the
route of the school to and fro are registered with numbers. Emeka
described where he was going to the man and they bargained the

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“knock!, knock!, knock!” that was the sound vibrating from the
door as emeka began to bang the door of Room6.
Five star lodge is one of most popular lodge in university village,
the place where chinedu was living. The lodge which is a self-
contain consist 12 rooms. The rooms are built 6 – 6 each with the
two buildings directly opposite each other. It is painted green and
sky blue, if you’re coming from the southern part, Room6
becomes Room1 and vice versa.
“hey! chidi my guy…” chinedu praised emeka as he welcomed
him inside.

They exchanged pleasantrise as Emeka began to scan the room
up and down.

The room was a beauty to behold. Emeka could
not help staring, inside the room was painted yellow, same
colour with the rug. A reading was placed at one extreme of the
room, and also a bed. Though Chinede does not have a television
but his laptop was doing the wonders. What caught Emeka’s
attention was the lady sleeping on Chinedu’s bed almost half-

Her name is elizabeth but she prefered people calling her lizzzy.

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Lizzy is a lazy troublesome girl, she is Chinedu’s next door
neighbour. She stays at Room7 together with her friend Chinyere.

They were both pre-degree students but they knew almost all the
guys in school.

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They can flirt with anybody at any cost even he it’s just to get
kerosine from the person. They attents all kinds of party and they
barely go to classes. Chinyere is quite matured than Lizzy as she
seldom looks for trouble. Though Chinyere doesn’t talk alot when
she is at home but outside she is a bad girl.

Unlike Chinyere, Lizzy is an ugly attention seeking girl, despite
her uglyness, thousands of guys always come to visit her at
home. Saying Lizzy was double dating is an understanding.

She was million-dating. It is cray how she does it but she could
introduce boyfriend1 to boyfriend2 and they all seemed cool
about it.
Infact, they all knew the time they were suppose to come visit
her, if one of them mistakenly come to see her at home and
another guy was inside, he had to wait untill they were done
before he comes in. Everyone Lizzy knew was her boyfriend even
if they’re not and she had special names for them such as
darling, honey, sweety etc.
Lizzy had a way of getting things from guys by force or kind and
she must have it. It doesn’t matter if it takes a kiss, hug or even
touch. Now one can categorically say that Chinyere and Lizzy
made Five Star Lodge that popular.
That day Lizzy came back from a party but her room mate
Chinyere was not around so she had to sleep in Chinedu’s room
because she did not sleep through the night.
Chinedu later went to a nearby shop to buy Emeka something to
eat and when he came back he saw Emeka washing some of his
clothes which the robbers who attacked them on the highway
thrown on the ground. He hung the clothes on a rope and left
them there over-night since it was already getting dark.

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It was a beautiful morning in Nsukka, Emeka yawned as he woke
up the next day. Chinedu was already awake as he was preparing
breakfast in the kitchen. There was light that morning so Emeka
quickly plugged his phone to an extension. He took his
toothbrush from his travelling bag and pasted mouthwash on it.
He took a cup of water and stepped outside. Immediately he
came outside he stood still like someone that had been struck by
lightening. His clothes were no longer on the rope.
Welcome to Nsukka!

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