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Lockdown – Season 1 – Episode 3 [Completed]


Everything was amazing until it wasn’t anymore, we were great couples untill I got a job in WHO, he was totally against telling me he wanted a full house wife not a working one. I tried to make him see reasons why I can’t be but he wasn’t seeing reasons with me instead he got angry everytime I mentioned it I had to let that one time rare opportunity go pass me because I wanted my husband to happy and I wanted us to be back to how we use to be, he was happy for alittle bit but then he started acting up he longer looked at me or even eat my food. He was behaving like his heart wasn’t yelling for me anymore like all his feelings for me had died. No longer touching me was the height of it all, when I tried making advances to him he would yank my hands away like I was dirt I tried putting on sexy lingeries once he looked at me touched his groin and made straight to the bathroom I follow suit but the door was locked. I started hearing him moan frominside the bathroom he was maturbating? I cried myself to sleep, tried talking to my friends about it but they could make sense out of it, first time they couldn’t figure it out, I tried to talk to him about it but he told me plainly nothing was wrong, he lives the house earlier before and returns late at night when am sleeping…….and then corona virus made its way into Nigeria and lockdown was declared, the hospital he was working had to shut down for that period, so we both were home all through together as the order came directly fom the president of Nigeria soliders were dispatched to every nook and crook of lagos, I decided to torture him during this period I decide to ignore him while putting on sexy revealing clothings I knew it was working and then I stopped sharing his bed, I slept in the guest room instead, sometime making moaning sound, stopped making his meal, I just cook for only myself. Everytime I walked pass him, he couldn’t help but look at me, I decided to go take in freash air on the balcony on the 10thday of lockdown, I was putting on a white cropped signet and a short complementing my flat tummy

“hi there neighbour” I heard a voice from  the other building close to our building, it was a young stud in his early twenties, handsome he was shirtness showing all forms of pacs and muscle

“ hi there” I replied back with a smile

“ you must be mr dickson’s wife sister” he asked was I looking different

“ oh no am mr dickson’s wife I guess”

he made an expression like he was shocked told me I was probably froming a scheme so he doesn’t collect my number I smiled and called it out to him

“ whats the name” he asked

“jumoke” i replied making my way back in the house with smiles all over my face, and there he was looking at me strangerly I make my way around him heading for the guest room, a couple of minutes in I heard a knock on the door open immediately the was the first contact we have had ever since the lockdown started. Once I opened up he was starring down at my boobs making the whole atmosphere silent

“what do you want?” I asked cutting the silence

“em..em I want you to keep it down when next you are touching yourself” he said making me feel a little shame

“ I will try” having said that I shut the door right in his face the knock came again much louder I opened up

“ how dare you shut the door in my face? You know am still your husband right” he said with anger in his eyes

“ really you my husband?” I laughed in mockery

“ oh you don’t find me good enough to be your husband anymore, since you are busy giving some boy who is old enough to be your kid brother your number over the balcony, bumshort wouldn’t make you any less younger”

“abori ta e, what is your business with who I give my number to, since you aint appreciate me anymore you thought no one will?, am going to close the door now don’t you dare knock again” I tried to attempt to shut the door but he flung it open, getting me scared he has never looked as angry as he looked right now he draws in close to me breathing hot air into my face I tried to compose myself but tears came out instead I close my eyes hoping I had earned my first beating from him but then I felt those similar lips on mine he was kissing me I wasn’t expecting that he started off softly and increased it into a ravioshed kiss he grabbed my boobs like he had been longing for that touch, that night he made sweet love to me all night long, held me all through making me feel special the next morning before I woke up he had left my side, he just wanted sex was the first thought on my mind and I felt tears dropping I shouldn’t have given in that easily  and then the door open and he came in with a tray with a smile plaster on his face he place the tray on the bed looking puzzled at me  as he notice the tears

“were you thinking I left you again?” he asked, I nodded and he kissed me “not ever” he said in between the kiss. We were back but I kept getting scared we were going to go back to being cold and still he didn’t talk about why he was cold to me in the first place.  Micheal the boy from the balcony has been but I didn’t respond , I decide to get freash air again since my baby pushed my out of the kitchen that he wanted to make something special for dinner, I wasn’t expecting  to see micheal but he was there.

“hi neighbour” he said half smiling and half frowning, I was taken aback

“hi” I manage to stutter out

“so you refused to pick your calls why?” he asked looking straight at me

“because she has been busy with her husband” Dickson answered from behind me, Michael was shocked and apologized, Dickson spin me around and gave me a kiss before I could look back Michael was gone, I laughed at this and he led me into the house the whole dinner was lighted up with scented candles turning me on, he led me to sit and he started dishing the rice out it smelled so good but then I felt like throwing up, I tried suppressing it but it was getting insuppressable so I run towards the nearest restroom, he followed me immediate. Patting my back while I was throwing up, I felt so weak so he support me to wash my mouth, and leds me back to the dinning asking me how exactly I was feeling, I told him and he sat silent for a minute before making his way to the first aid kit coming back with a pregnancy kit and helping me get up, I told him to wait outside the  toilet and while I do the business, I came out twenty minutes after and he was there waiting for me

So?” he said, sounding like he was patting

“It’s positive” I shouted out loud

He went down on his knee crying and smiling I join him on the floor hugging him. He explained to why he was acting up, he got tested and it was recorded that he had low sperm count and he didn’t know how to divulge it to me but now he knows God is bigger than science , we kissed and he wouldn’t leave me all through the night. God made lockdown a breakthrough for my marriage.


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