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Lockdown – Season 1 – Episode 2


The weekend arrived slowly but I was happy it came, before then we were mostly talking and chatting over the phone and he was also showing he was anticipating for the suya date I was pacing up and down nervous on what to wear out making my friends laugh as they point to our routine white shirt and white short, I roll my eyes at there joke made my way to my always well ironed outfit and off I went to the suya spot it was amazing with him first he kept to time and he was fun to talk to while having suya

“so are you single?” I pop the question out of the blues

“yes I am” he said while taking a piece of suya into his mouth

“you want me to believe after all the….” Making a gesturing like wrapping one’s hands around someone

He laughed and said “you mean the girl from where you accused me” I spread my hands like I didn’t know what he was talking about with a smile crossed on my face

“ she is just one of these camp girls nothing serious so I can said I am single” he continue

“like friends with benefit” I ask with a frown  on my face

“ kindof I really don’t wanna lie to you so lets just leave it at that” meaning he wanted to matter to end there, I didn’t say much afterwards and then his phone rang he needed to get back to the clinic for his shift, he insisted on walking me back to my hostel, gives me a good night hug and tried to kiss me my body once again was betraying my mind untill I heard my mouth say “I don’t do friends with benefit thou” he looked at me shocked and laughed “ I don’t want to be that with you either I respect you, I like everything about I don’t just to have you once but forever if that is not too early to say, you are different from other girls trust me” he said going in for the kiss

“ why does it sound like every male copper’s line when they want to get into my pant” I said immediately he draws out of the kiss making he to laugh out loud told me the little things make me different from other girls was what came out of my mouth, gave me a kiss again before leaving; I blushed all through the night and my friend couldn’t stop laughing. We dated all through the serving time, creating time for ourselves to hang out, one thing he never did was ask for sex from me all through our dating just to prove to me that he loves me not because of anything but because am me. Toward the end of the service year he propose I wasn’t expecting it but it happened, he didn’t want to lose me so he put a ring on that finger was the reason he gave, he was sweet and all, immediately we were to leave the camp he wanted to meet my parent and state his intentions to them they were more than happy they loved him unconditionally. He spent a week at Ondo with me before requesting from my dad if I will go to Asaba with him where his parent were based my  dad wasn’t reluctant to say yes , and I had to pack a few clothes and off to asaba, he brought flight ticket for both of us I told he it was a totally waste of m oney as I can manage two days car trip he just smilled at me,he wasn’t earning much yet and he was spending lavishly I was abit angry cautioning him all through the flight back to asaba as he kept pecking me on my hands at the airport in asaba someone was already waiting for us to take us to his family house at first I thought he ordered a ride but it was one of his father’s driver and lo and behold he came to pick us up with an escale I just open my mouth woah making Dickson to laugh.the drive to his house was about thirty minute even though the road was bad but we didn’t feel the effect moneyis good abeg. The mansion where the car pulled up was one of those glass house . jesu olowawa money dey for Nigeria oooo, I came down accompanied by Dickson no be us even open the entrance dorr we enter and the living room was another level of littness I was about sitting when Dickson said the living room was for guest only we should to the one for family.i felt like a parrazzi at that instants the next living room was like heaven I sat down and he made his way to another room, I never knew he came from a rich room I thought he was just from a comfortable home but now am shocked. He came back with a very pretty looking woman she looked young but I could tell that was his mother I went down on my knees to greet her and there was a look of embrassment on her friend she asked who I was without replying mo ya dida

“ mom this is jums the girl I told you about” he replied her with a smile on his face

“ and where is she from” she asked with a voice like she was irritated by my presence

“ ondo”

“ is it in rivers or in benin?” she asked looking straight into his eyes

“ no mum, she is Yoruba” there was a long silent after this statement

“ can you tell your guest to wait in the guest living room” his mum said looking at me from head to toe like I was putting on dirt as clothing, I made my way back down without anyone telling me but he held me back

“no mum, she isn’t a guest” he replied his mom with boldness written in his voice, she was stun at his action and was shaking in angry

“come with me at once!!!!” she yelled at him as she made her way back to the direction I knew immediately she didn’t like the fact I was Yoruba, he kisses me before making his way to the direction the mom went he came back thirty minutes later this time he came alone, he held me by my hand and took me in another direction to a room which I presume was his since his picture were hung almost everywhere, he held me hand and ask if I wanted to take a shower with him, this was the first time he has ever asked this from me I was taken aback It was written all over my eyes, he smiled and told me it was cool if I didn’t want to but then I kiss him and pull off my top leaving me in my two D bra he couldn’t stop starring at my boobs that was half showing due to the half cup bra I was putting  on this was the first time for him, he took me by the hand led me to the Jacuzzi I took off my other clothing I could tell he couldn’t concertrate on anything but my body, he follow suit and took every clothing off pull me to him as my double D boobs bang against his chest I felt like a very rod like tool hitting my thighs I look down and it was his man tool he was hard, omo bobo yii fe pami, there is no way that thing is getting into me  he saw the fear in my eyes kisses me making me relax alittle, carries me as I wrap my legs around him but the I became tensed again as I felt his man tool trying to make its way into me.

“ are you a virgin?” he ask as he notice my tense movement I nodded he was shocked but smiled in sense of fulfilment and kisses me moving me a bit up on his body as far as his man rod cant get near my entrance and we bathed all through and kissed all through he was still hard  I slid down and decided to give him head he moan all through after which he carried me out and lied me on the bed kissing every inch of me and finally moving those beautiful lips to my entrance, I was yelling but he covers my mouth telling me unless I want his mom to come over , after we were done with the roleplay he told me all about his mom being a single mother who birthed three children making him the last born while his other sibling were out of the country

“I know your mum doesn’t like me” I said looking deeply at him

“she will have to get use to having you around” he replied ,kissing me deeply

Even thou the mum wasn’t in support we got married there month after his mum refused to show up but his sibling came over to honour him, our honeymoon was amazing he couldn’t get enough of me we travelled to Miami was it…….

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