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Lockdown – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 3]



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Story Title:Lockdown

Episodes: 3

Category: Love

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The marriage between Dickson and jumoke is shaking for a reason unknown to jumoke, could it be that he wasn’t finding her attractive anymore or there is more to this?


My marriage with Dickson hasn’t been a peace one, before we even got married his family were not in support of the whole marriage because I was Yoruba and they are Igbo(tribalism)…..let me properly introduce myself my name is olajumoke arugundade I hail from ondo state the only child of the arugundade’s, studied public health from Adeleke university, I bagged a second class upper and moved on to serve in Abuja while there I became severelysick due to food poisoning ( those meals they serve at the camp …..) I was rushed to the clinic in the camp where I met Dickson he was a corper doctor (he must have been really good for them to station him at the clinic that was my thought). He attended to me he was really nice and very handsome, slim and at…… i was attracted to him immediately even in my sick bed, he attended to me for the first two days of my three days stay I longed to see him before I was discharged but to no avail, it was kind of depressing, then a week after I was discharged my platoonwere having a party and I didn’t know how but I spotted him in the midst of a thousand people, he was holding on to a girl ouch I felt a pinch in my heart at first I wanted to meet him to ask why he didn’t brother to check up on his patient before I got discharged but then I had a change of mind, as mind was averting from going over to him my legs had other thoughts, as I felt they moving through his direction, he was looking so cute in the copper uniform and those little muscles around his hand complimented his slim frame. I tapped him before I could tell my hands not to and he turned back immediately freeing his arms around the girls waist, she made a sound like she didn’t like the fact he removed his hands

Hi?” he said looking puzzled

Are you really a doctor? How can you not check up on your patient? If I had died that’s how you won’t even know abi ?”I bursted out my brain and my mouth were specking words my mind isn’t in support of. He looked at me shocked at such accusation but got out of it in time and smirk jesu mi o! how can someone nine month be this fine

“ am sorry about that, I was sick myself I had to take that day off” he replied sounding so apologist “how about I make it up to you, suya outing tomorrow and you can tell me all about your health” he continue making the girl next to him uncomfortable as she kept clearing her throat from time to time, I totally ignore her I nodded with a smile he looked at me mesmerised I was about leaving with a smile on my face when he touch me lightly on my shoulder

“I didn’t get the name” he said looking at me with his large big brown eye

Jumoke and you”

“Dickson” he replied with a smile I responded with a smile go over to join my friends

“was that  not the guy that attended to you at the clinic, he is cute thou” janet said immediately I got to their side I was beaming with joy and they could tell and then it crossed my mind he didn’t get my number or either did I get his I signed out frustrated looked toward the direction we had a conversation earlier he was no longer there only the grumbling girl he had his hands wrapped around her waist was and she was starring directly at me with anger but that was the least on my mind

“whats wrong bae” moyo my other friend asked me

“we were suppose to go on suya date this weekend but……” I was cut short by my friends as they both echoed “WHO” at the same time “ the corper doctor… but I didn’t get his number” I continued janet burted into laughter making me boil with anger untill I felt a light touch on my shoulder I froze for a little bit and the sound of baritone made its way into my ears “sorry patient I don’t think I got the number “………………..


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