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Living With Crazy Naughty Neighbors – Season 2 – Episode 8

“Pls Am sorry, I will not do it again” I begged.

Ge out! Leave my room nah! Cheap brostitude. If you really love me, you won’t have went ahead and fuck her, my own mother.


But what?.. She cuts in

So if I tell you to fuck my mom, you will fuck her.If I have a sister and I tell you same, you will go ahead.

Yes that’s what it’s means, yes I told you to go and fuck her thinking you will object and say no but you went ahead. Do you think am a fool? That I don’t know anything?

U claimed you love me but it’s clear to me that you love my mother more than me. Go ahead, keep fucking her and leave me alone. Don’t ever in your miserable life talk to me again.

Oya leave my room, I don’t want to see you again. “She shouted”.

Why are you acting like this? I thought…
You thought what? She cuts in again.

Am not in the mood for any further explanation. Just leave my room. Get out! “She shouted at me”.

“OK OK I will leave” I said

I walked out feeling weak and disappointed. Why is she like this. Does it mean she was testing me? Wait… Its like. But why nah. After all the things she said, giving me hope, telling me she is comfortable with me making out with his mom only to turn out to be a test.

“Henry” Susan called from upstairs.
I stopped, looked and her and walked out.

“Wait” she shouted.

“What is it again”? I said with a red face.
I heard everything, am sorry henry. I will talk with her.

No need for that, I deserve this break up. Its all my fault. I said.

No, its not your fault, it me, i caused it, am the one who seduced you. Am really sorry.

I looked at her not kowning what to say.

“See you tomorrow” I said and walked out to my apartment.

I took my bath, ate and lay down on the bed. Moments later, I heard a faint knock on my door.

I sat up and walked to the door and open. It’s a girl, probably on her twenties. She’s dark and beautiful. She has a long hair, with bright white eyes, and that kind round face and moderate boobs.

Good evening. “She greets”. Good evening, how can I help you?. “I asked”.

Help? Am living in this lodge, i travelled, so I just came back in the morning. I’ve seen Jane. “Oh i see. Welcome back. You can come in. “I said stepping aside”.

Wow I like your room, especially the painting. “She said as she sat on my bed”.

“Thanks dear, that’s my painting” I said forcing smile across my face”.

Wow it looks beautiful. So what’s your name? “She asked”.

Henry. “I replied”.
Am Becky. She said.

That’s nice, you are welcome.

We gisted for a while before I heard a familiar knock on my door.


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