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Living With Crazy Naughty Neighbors – Season 2 – Episode 6

“Shh,” she said back. “Never stop me when I’m determined to do something.” She already had my d*ck in her hand and was stroking it. I gasped as she took it into her mouth, taking me all the way in.

I ran my fingers through her hair, enjoying myself as she sucked me. I realized that her mother was down the hall, but I didn’t care if she caught us. Amy continued to suck me, although having come not too long before I knew it would take a while.
Amy stood up, panting slightly, and pulled me into a standing position. My shorts fell to the floor and I kicked them off. She pulled off my short and then embraced, ki**ing each other.

“I want you inside me, right now,” she said. I nodded, and cupped her a*s as she jumped up on me. She wrapped her legs around me as the head of my p*nis pressed against her wet labia. “Henry,” she said pleadingly. “Go inside me.”
I pushed gently and the head of my p*nis slipped into her.

I slowly lowered her body onto me until she completely enveloped my d*ck. I had expected some more resistance, I had always read it was hard on a girl the first time. But Amy seemed ready and eager to accept my thrusts as we started to f*ck.

Amy bounced on my p*nis as I held her close, our bodies pressed together. She panted between ki**es, close to orgasm. She ground against me and I felt her pu**y contract. She was so tight that I had to thrust harder just to maintain my rhythm, and she ki**ed me hard as she started to come. Her legs wrapped tighter and she ground against me in a rhythmic motion

“Put your legs up on my shoulder,” I said quickly after her orgasm ended. I leaned forward with her in my arms, and the raised her legs up to they pointed straight up, her calves resting on my shoulders. I still held her but now I supported all of her weight by cupping her a**. In this position she was bent in half but I could thrust deep into her, f*cking her harder as the momentum of her falling body added to the force of my thrusts.

“Oh god,” she whispered as we f*cked harder. I was worried the sound of our slapping bodies might be too loud, but soon Amy came again, this time with me close behind her.
“I’m coming,” she said.
“Me, too,” I panted.

“Inside me,” she begged, and I kept thrusting into her as I came. She gasped as my pe*is pulsed, filling her with my cum. When I finished we slowly fell toward the bed and disentangled from that demanding position. We lay together, naked, my p*nis spent from coming with two different women that day.
“I have to say, I’ve been getting wet watching you from upstairs,” she admitted.

“Thanks?” I said, unsure of how to respond. She laughed, playing with my hair.
“By the way,” she said, “I noticed you were still hard after you came on my mom, I’m glad you put it back in your pants and saved some for me.”

Suddenly something occurred to me. “What a minute, you’ve been watching for days, so you’ve heard everything?”

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  • I no understand una again o.. I thought she was a virgin how come it wasn’t hard to thrust in at first? How come the bedsheet is not stain with blood? Lol… Ndi virgin!!

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