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Living With Crazy Naughty Neighbors – Season 2 – Episode 3

I opened the door only to see my female Neighbor.

Where have you been? “I asked standing on the door”. Won’t you let me in? “She asked grinning at me”.

I just went out without telling me where you are.

Am not with your mobile number. How would I reach you. “She said”.

You would have told me before going. “I replied”.

Tell you when you were with your girlfriend. “She said”.

A girl? Hmmmmm. But she’s my uncle’s wife not my girlfriend.

So where have you been.? “I asked”.

I got a call that my brother got involve in an accident. That’s were I am. “She said sitting on my bed”.

You were staying in hospital for that long? “I asked sitting close to her”.

Nop, I was taking care of him at his apartment after he got emergency treatment. He’s getting fine now, that’s why am back. “She said”.

Sorry, what a sad story. Anyway shaa, welcome back. “I said”.

Thanks, so how have you been? I know you didn’t miss me. “She said smiling at me”.

Who told you that? I was worried about you, I missed you. “I said”.

“Sure”? She asked raising her eye blow.

“Yes”. I said.

Ok o Lemme go to my room and do some cleanup. I wonder how it will look like. “She said”.

Can’t you stay here? Your room will be dusty and…. Stay here, you can do that tomorrow. “I said”.

Hmmm, it’s alright. “She said”.

Any problem? “I asked”.

Nothing, lemme arranged the bed. “She said”.

Ok am coming lemme go and buy something. “I said sitting up”.

Go and buy what? Hope it’s not what thinking cus am on my period. “She said”.

I looked at her with a frown face and she smiled back. After she’s done, we lay down and she draw close and place her head on my chest and slept off. The rest of the night wasn’t fun at all. Sleeping with a pretty girl all night with hard-on without touching her.

It was the next day, and I had barely gotten the paint cans from the garage when Susan accosted me. She was already naked, having stripped the second Amy left. She was pressed against me in the living room.

“Henry, just make me come a few times and I’ll let you get to work,” she said.

“But Amy,” I said, trying to resist the effect of Susan’s body grinding against me.

“Amy doesn’t know,” she said in a teasing voice, “and all I’m asking you to do is finger me.”

“I can’t,” I blurted out. She took a step forward and we fell backward on the couch. She was on top of me, kissing me, and I knew I was going to lose any moral battle within minutes.

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  • This Henry are you a runs boy? you have a gf(Amy) and you still want to fuck your neighbor. You should try and caution the o

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