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Living With Crazy Naughty Neighbors – Season 1 – Episode 8

Chapter 8
I took off her hand and number up. How can you come in without knocking? “I asked as I put my d**k inside my short”.
It has already soften.

The door was already opened, so I feel that there’s no need to knock.

Don’t be shy, I’ve already seen and touched it now. Small body with mighty thing “She said smiling”

What do you came to do by this time? “I asked”.

You want to chase me out? I brought food for you, along with things your uncle bought for you. “She said”.

Wow so nice of him, what’s that? . “I asked walking to the side she dropped the bags”.

You can open it and see it yourself. “She said lying on the bed on her back”.

I opened the back and unload everything.

Why do you prefer doing it yourself? “She asked”. Doing what myself? “I said looking at her direction”. What I caught you doing the time I came in. “She replied”.

Its just came over me, I don’t normally do it. “I said”. You prefer harming yourself than finding a girl? “She asked”.

I don’t have girl. “I said”.

If I say lemme help you out now you will start giving unneccessary excuses. “She said”.

The excuses am giving it not unnecessary , he’s my uncle, I can’t do it to him. “I said”.

Hmmmm as a good guy you are? “She asked”.
Am I bad? Not as a good guy like that but as someone that has sense and conscience. “I said”.

After chatting for a long time, I escorted her our and came back.

I relaxed on my bed waiting for tonight party. I waited and waited but she didn’t show up. It was 11.35pm, I sat up and walker to her room, knocked but she didn’t answer”. Maybe she went somewhere. I went back to my room disappointed 😞 😞

I didn’t know what to expect the next day, but when I arrived Susan was not home. She left a note on the counter letting me know to start as I pleased, and that she would be back that afternoon. I took the time to touch up the kitchen, noticing that the new lighting showed a few places I missed the day before.

I had already started working on the front hallway when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. It was Amy, still groggy and looking like she just woke up.

While Susan had massive br**sts and inspiring curves, Amy was trim and athletic, with as a** that commanded my attention when she walked withy a s*xy hairstyle, but to be honest anything she did was pretty much s*xy. In her tank top and running shorts, it was hard not to stare at her.

“Hey, Henry,” she said half asleep. She stopped, looking over the hallway. “Good morning”.

“Morning,” I said, trying to avoid making eye contact. Amy still made me nervous; she was in a different league than I was.

“Well, I hope it’s not weird, for you. You know, working at my house everyday.”

“No, it’s not weird,” I said. I paused, “is it weird for you?”�”A little,” she said, then quickly added, “not you, I mean. Sorry, that sounded wrong. It’s just weird having my mom tenant over here working everyday. It’s not like we’re hanging out, watching movies or something. It’s kind of employer-employee, it’s strange.”

I needed to salvage this situation. This was the longest conversation I had had with Amy since I came, and it was turning into a business transaction. “Technically I’m working for your mom, so we’re cool, you and I,” I added lamely.

“At least we’ll finally get to get to know each other better. I haven’t seen you much since you came,” she said.

I grinned. Amy was being very nice, although she always was very nice. Looking at her now, I realized the barriers to talking to her were probably of my own design and construction.

“Well, I’ve got to paint this hallway today,” I said, “but if you’re free tonight, do you want to catch a movie?”

“Is this a date, or as neighbors?” she asked.

I blurted out “neighbors,” a little too quickly, making her laugh.

“All right,” she said. “It’s a date, or…. whatever you want to call it.” She paused, stretching, revealing a few inches of her toned stomach..

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