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Living With Crazy Naughty Neighbors – Season 1 – Episode 4

Chapter 4
She’s so seductive. I responded and we started kissing, we kissed up 10 minutes before she broke the kiss. Says goodnight and turn to the other side.
I was able to control myself and slept off. At 1am, she tapped me on my shoulder. I woke up, turn to her side and she came closer and lay her head on my chest placing her palm on my nipple and slept off. I wrapped my hand around her as if we are newly married couple.

I woke up in the morning and she’s already gone.

I washed my face, bought paint at the nearby market and repainted my wall with many designs. Since am not yet working, after painting, I stayed indoor throughout the whole day. My new neighbor had gone to work.

By 6pm, someone knocked on my door, it’s a woman. She introduced herself as the landlady and compliment me on my paintings.


My first painting job was at my ladlady’s. Mrs. Shannon wanted to have most of her interior rooms repainted after seeing my paintings, a job that guaranteed a month’s load of toil. At least it was indoors.

The only bright side of this job, well two bright sides, was Mrs. Shannon and her daughter Amy.

Although we didn’t interact much. She look completely out of my league. Just running into her here and there over and over had caused me to develop a small crush on her. I was excited about the prospect of seeing her a little more often.

I was even more excited about seeing her on a regular basis. Mrs. Shannon had a mind-blowing rack that made everyone on the street drool when she jogged by. I figured I’d be getting directions from her often enough to keep my mind busy while am painting. Between Amy and her mother, this is going to be a distracting job.

We had agreed that I would start at ten each day. I had received a text message from Mrs. Shannon that morning telling me to come in when I arrived, no need to knock. Why? Is she now seeing me as a close friend?

It was five minutes to ten when I set the gallons of paint and my rollers. I was about to knock when I remembered Mrs. Shannon gave me a key and had sent a text saying ‘just come in when you’re ready…no need to knock.’ It felt a little weird to have free access to the house, but she wanted me painting even if she was out I guess.

I had run into Amy the day before at the store and she actually talked to me for a few minutes I was hoping to run into her if she was home, but her car was gone 😑

I opened the door and announced myself. I heard nothing, so I let myself in. The kitchen was to the right, but I stopped dead when I looked to the left. There, in the middle of their spacious living room, was Mrs. Shannon, asleep on the couch.

Not just asleep, but topless. That’s right, topless. I stood there, not ten feet away from her, unable to move.

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