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Living With Crazy Naughty Neighbors – Season 1 – Episode 3

Chapter 3
I close my mouth and lie down on my bed, if I talk again now, she might execute another explosion. I can savage but not now. Lemme be calming down since am still new. But why will she be calling me mosquito when she is the one disturbing.

I ignored them and started pressing my phone. Few minutes later her voice started raising again. Leave my room! “She shouted at him”. Baby calm down nah, you will enjoy it. “He pleaded”. Enjoy what? What do you have that I will enjoy? So this is what you want to use and shift my womb abi? This thing that is not bigger than my middle finger. “She said raising her voice higher”.

Calm down, stop shouting. “He said”.
Come and be going, leave my room Oga. “She shouted again”.

Let’s just…. Just do what? “She cuts in”.
Few minutes later I heard the door banged close, footsteps stepping down the building. I guess she have finally chased him out.

I couldn’t hold it anymore and bursted into laughter drawing her attention.

Keep laughing as if your own if even bigger! “She shouted from her room”. At least am proud of what I have. “I said as I continued laughing”.

I laid down on my and continue where I stopped. Moments later, someone knocked on my door.

Who is that? “I asked sitting up from the bed”. Its me, come and open this door jooor. “She said as she stopped knocking”.

I got up and unlocked the door, it was my neighbor.

How are you? “I asked as I close the door”. Am fine. “She replied going to my bed”. You have power bank lemme charge my phone small. “She asked”. Yeah “I said as I stretch my hand and picked it up from where it dropped at the other side of the bed and gave it to her.

So what’s up, who is that guy? Your boyfriend? “I asked”. If you want to insult my just start from idiot. How can a guy like that be my boyfriend. He’s fat, he’s short, he’s dark like charcoal, ugly and inactive.

Blood is Zachariah! Abeg be calming down. This is someone LOML

Am telling you the fact. That guy is a useless he-goat. “She said”.

You have finished that guy, in short you have killed and buried him. “I said laughing”.

Can you imagine that the idiot is fucking me and I thought it was his finger. After boasting that he will make me cry, that he will shift my womb. Can you imagine. “She said”.

Just be calming down. Lemme understand something. Since he’s not your boyfriend, how come….like..

He’s liviing in the other building and works in same place. It happens that we started talking naughty and sex talk and he said his thing can shift my womb, betting he can make me cry during sex.

So today I invited him to try it out only to see am betting with my fellow lady. Am sure he won’t come work tomorrow. Shame will not allow him, he might even quit the job just to avoid my present. “She said laughing”.

This is very serious oo. But he might have a girlfriend and she will be enjoying him like that. “, I said”.

What did he have that a girl will enjoy, money, romance or d*ick? He has nothing joor. “She replied”.

Looking at this now, you just cheated your boyfriend. “I said”.
I don’t have a boyfriend, and even if a have, if my guy sees me with this type of guy, he won’t consider it cheating cus he has nothing. “She said pressing her phone as it powered”.

You have bad mouth oo, see the way you just murdering somebody’s son.

Leave me joor, that guy vess me this evening. After making me wet. So disappointing. “She said as she dropped her phone and lie down on the bed”.

Just then NEPA brought light I can see her very well. She was fair, wearing bum shot and pink loosed singlet without bra.

I sat up and plugged my phone as she went back to her room, probably to put her own phone. Moments later she came back wearing a night gown.

We lied down on the bed and continued gisting. Is like she want to sleep in my bed cus she came back with her key and not making move to leave. We we’re lieing down facing each other as we gist, her nipples poping out of the fabric. She would let out a charming smile at occasions as we gists.

It’s 11:30pm now, u will soon fall asleep. “I said reminding her to go to her room and sleep”.

I know, I feel comfortable here, I don’t feel like going to my room. “She said”.

I don’t like sleeping with light ON, so I got up and Switched it off and came back to bed.

Good night. “I said facing the other side”.
Is that how you say Goodnight to a girl? “She asked”.

How else? “I asks turing my face to her side”.

Lemme show you then. “She said as she came closer, all her body just an inch to mine. I can smell her perfume. Its dark so I can’t see her face. Next, her lips touched mine.

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