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Living With Crazy Naughty Neighbors – Season 1 – Episode 2

Chapter 2
U have to stop this. “I said looking at her”.
She is a very pretty lady which any guy can find hard to resist but not for me, not my uncle’s wife.

Don’t say you don’t like what am doing to you. Common stop pretending, I know you love it. “She said looking at me with a seductive eyes”.

That I love what you are doing doesn’t mean its Good, what you are doing now is out of script, it’s normally ends in tears. “I said”.

All this while she was stroking my tool through my short opening.

Nothing will happen, its been long I had sex last, your uncle doesn’t care at all. I need this right now. “She said still stroking my tool”.

Am sorry jane….. I can’t.. I just can’t. “Saying that I got up and sat at the other side”.

You are wicked oo. “She said looking at me with a pity face”. Am not wicked, I think am doing the right thing. “I said adjusting my short.

Ok since you don’t want to, lemme make you release the juice. U know it won’t subside if the milk is not release. “She said”. Don’t worry, it will soon calm down. I don’t need any help.

Hmmm I love guys like you. “She said”.
How? What’s special about me?
Guys like you are very few, I don’t know a guy can resist me. I had the mind that all guys are dogs but you just proof me wrong. “She said smiling”.

Lol, at least I can control myself. “I replied”

Abi? Since you can control yourself that means we are going to sleep in same bed. I feel like sleeping with someone, someone who will wrap his arms around me, someone I can lay my head on his chest. “She said looking at me”.

Hmmmm, that I can control myself doesn’t guarantee that something will never happen if we sleep together. Spirit of sex normally comes at night with 24 assistants. I can’t take that risk, don’t worry, I can sleep comfortably on this couch.

She kept starring at me, I knew inside her she will will be like. “What type of person is this”.

U never see something 😂 I might be horny as well but not for you 😀 This is not what I came to lagos to do. Not with my uncle’s wife. At least I still have sense ☺.

The next day she helped me with my bags and ride me to the apartment. The house is just like school lodge. I was shocked as I stepped into my room. My uncle have already funished the room. Jane helped me arranged the room and left afterwards.

A lie down on the bed thinking about my life, the journey is about to start. I slept off and woke up by 9pm. I got up took my bath and walk out to buy junk food outside. Stepping downstairs, I met a girl, probably in her twenties with a fat guy holding hands as they walk upstairs. We exchange greetings and I introduced myself which she did as well. She is staying at a room just after mine. She’s beautiful but Jane beat her in beauty with miles.

I came back, ate the junk food I bought and laid down on bed to sleep, just then NEPA took their light. After a while I started hearing loud voice from the next room.

What are you even doing? Use your d*ck and stop Fingering me! “The female voice said angrily”.
Fingering you? Me that have been banging for 5 minutes now. “The guy relied”.

U have started? Is your d*ick so small that I can’t feel it? “She asked”.

No, don’t worry you will start feeling it soon, its still coming up. Calm down. “He replied”.

Am going to shift your womb tonight, am going to shift your womb tonight when you don’t even have d*ick! “She fired him”.

Someone is trying to sleep! “I shouted from my room”.

Then sleep! Who is holding you?
…… Mosquito! “She fired at me”.

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