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Living With Crazy Naughty Neighbors – Season 1 – Episode 13 [Completed]

Chapter 13
“Henry,” she said with a whisper, “Amy doesn’t need to know. I see how you look at me, don’t tell me you don’t want to.”

“I…I don’t,” I said, trying to find the words. I knew that my resolve was ebbing by the second. If I hesitated any longer I’d give in. But she wouldn’t relent, so what could I do?
I decided the best thing to do was to try and head her off. I took her by the shoulders and spun her around.

She grinned as I gently shoved her over the edge of the couch. Her chest lay on the couch, with her a** sticking up in the air. I could see her pu**y was wet and swollen, waiting for me.
“Fuck me,” she panted, her face half-buried in the couch.

I wanted to. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t do that to Amy. Even if she never found out. While I lusted for her and her mother, my feelings were for Amy only.

So I decided then and there to help Susan Shannon as best as I could. I started rubbing her clit, her pu**y already soaking wet. She responded, sticking her a*s higher in the air. From behind I gently slid two fingers into her warm pu**y. It was wet, warm, and smooth, like nothing I had ever felt. I slowly slid my fingers in and out of her as I vigorously rubbed her clit. She panted, bucking her hips to match my rhythm.

I was fingering my girlfriend’s mom.
Susan moaned and panted and I felt her pu**y contract as she came. I sped up the motion of both hands, my fingers making sloshing noises in and across her wet pu**y. I kept at it until she started to come again right on the tail of her first orgasm. I kept rubbing and fingering her, eventually slipping a third finger inside her.

A trail of wet fluid ran down her thigh, and I could feel her vagina clamp hard against my fingers with each orgasm.

“Don’t stop!” she exclaimed as she came again. She was panting, her whole body shaking as she climaxed. I kept at it through a fourth orgasm, after which she pulled away. Her pu**y was wide and swollen, dripping with her juices as she lay forward on the couch.

There was a large wet spot on the leather of the couch where she had ground against it. I marveled at my handiwork; apparently both Shannon women liked getting rubbed off. She rolled over, panting, her legs spread and her face flush.
“Whoa,” was all she said for a moment, then she added after a deep breath, “any chance I can get you to fuck me right now?”

“I can’t, really I can’t. I already shouldn’t have done what I did,” I said in pleading voice that meant ‘don’t ask me again because I’m at the end of my resolve.’ She nodded, gently running her hands across her body.
“Well, any chance I can get you to do that again?” she asked. I opened my mouth to say something but she stopped me. “You better head home. If you stay any longer I’ll start begging you. I think if you can just do what you did when I need it, then I can behave myself.” She grinned, and stood up and pecked me on the cheek.
“Amy is a lucky girl,” she said, as I walked out the door.

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  • This woman is shameless, imagine seducing and allowing her daughters boyfriend to finger her, oh my Gosh!!!. Can’t you go out there and find a man to be servicing u rather than doing this abominable act?

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