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Living With Crazy Naughty Neighbors – Season 1 – Episode 11

Chapter 11
She was soaking wet.
Whatever sequence of events led me to that moment, one thing was perfectly clear to me. Amy was very horny and was more than happy to let me have access to her. As my right hand gently brushed her wet labia my left went behind her back and pulled her close to me. I held her tightly as I continued to stroke her labia, marveling at how slippery she was down there. She panted and ki**ed me as my fingers gently stroked her labia, traveling slightly north and rubbing her tiny clit. She responded instantly, spreading her legs wider and jutting her hips out.

I rubbed her cl*t slowly, putting firm pressure on it as I made tiny circles on and around it. This was by far the most experience I had ever had with a girl, but I took my cues from what made her breathe harder, and the rest seemed to come by instinct. No one else was on our row or in front of us, but the thought that we could be caught any second seemed to heighten the fun for both of us.
“Don’t stop,” she whispered, “I’m close.”
I kept the rhythm and pressure the same, and she ki**ed me harder, her whole body tensing up. I could feel her back muscles tense her her legs spread wider as she started to buck her hips. Amy was coming.

She squirmed and gasped and thrashed against me but I knew better than to stop or changing anything. I kept rubbing her pu**y until she slumped against me. My hand was soaked and I could feel the heat radiating from her.
“Where did you learn to do that?” she asked.
“Right here, just now,” I said in a whisper.
“Can you do it again?” she asked.
I answered by resuming rubbing her. This time she threw her right leg over my thighs and I moved my left hand lower and gripped her a**. I had dreamed about her ass for years and here I was, cupping it as I rubbed her out on our first date. It took her much less time to come this time, and I kept rubbing her until she came a third time. She was slumped back in the seat, her eyes glassy and her legs spread wide. The credits started to roll and she sat up, ki**ing me deeply.

“I don’t have time to pay you back,” she said sheepishly. “I guess I got a little greedy.”
“It’s okay,” I said, and meant it. “Next time.”
“You’re on,” she said, ki**ing me.
We had milkshakes at an all night diner, just talking about things. Our hobbies, interests. We had a lot in common, including a complete lack of physical experience.
“Can I tell you something totally embarrassing,” she asked. “That was my first kiss. And, well, my first time doing that.”
“I can’t imagine what you think of me,” she said. “That was pretty forward.”
“Um, I think you can imaging what I think,” I said with a grin. She laughed, and leaned over to ki** me.
“I think I’m going to enjoy this,” she said Ki**ing me again.

We drove back home an hour later and and headed straight up to my room. I had already kissed her on her front door before heading to my room.


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