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Living With Crazy Naughty Neighbors – Season 1 – Episode 10

Chapter 10
“There you go, to jog your memory,” she said casually, her hands on her hips. I said nothing for a moment, keenly aware that I had to say something.

“Um,” I said, buying myself a few seconds. “Whoa.”

“Can you be a little more articulate, or should I pull my shirt back on to give you some time?”

“No, wait,” I blurted out, causing her to laugh. “Okay, okay. Um, they’re amazing. Definitely amazing?”

“The nicest you’ve seen?” she prompted.

“The only ones I’ve seen. At least not on the internet. But, yes, the nicest I’ve seen, real or online.”

She smiled. I kept expecting her to pull her up top but she didn’t. “Well now that you’ve seen them, I don’t really care if you see them again. Would you like that, for me to go around here topless when Amy’s not around?”

I nodded feebly, completely entranced by her breasts, and her offer.

Was she serious? How could I possibly paint with those things on display?

As if reading my mind, she said, “I’m going to run upstairs and let you finish up.” She then walked down the hall and out of sight. My p*nis throbbed painfully from all of the stimulation that day, but I managed to finish my work and pack up my things. As I was about to leave Susan came back downstairs, her tank top still pulled down.

“Have fun tonight,” she said with a grin. I was about to say goodbye when she took me by the hand and gave me a peck on the cheek. “Thanks for making my day,” she said. As I headed out the door, she pulled her top back up, adjusting it as if nothing had happened.

I had just enough time to shower and get dressed before I meet Amy. Amy was walking across my lawn when I exited the house.

“I thought I’d meet you halfway,” she said. She had the same shorts and t-shirt on, and my mind immediately returned to the memory of seeing up those shorts earlier. Had she put anything on underneath? She kept glancing over her shoulder toward her house as we walked to her car.

“Everything okay?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah,” she said distractedly. “My mom won’t let up about me going to the movies with you.”

“I thought she was okay with it,” I said, a little nervous.

“She is. She’s just pestering me,” Amy explained. “It’s not you she has a problem with, it’s me. She’s just so, so nosy,” she finished.

We had picked an adventure movie about the end of the world and sat in the very back. The ads were still cycling before the previews, and Amy turned to face me.

“Okay, Henry, I need you to be honest with me.”

I panicked inside, worried she knew about her mother, but she added “is this a date?”

I ran through the possible answers but decided on the truth. “I think I’d like it to be.”

“Good,” she said simply, and raised the armrest between us, scooting closer to me so our thighs were touching. “Because I was worried you were only interested in me as a neighbor. In fact, I was hoping your feelings were a lot more than neighborly.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, and then she took one more step and shocked me further. She ki**ed me on the lips, softly. But when I ki**ed her back her tongue darted into my mouth and before I knew if the movie was already in full swing. We paused, looking at each other. The theater was almost empty and no one was around us. We were at the back.

“I’m not that interested in the movie anyway,” she said, and we started kissing again. My hand found her knee, and she put her hand on mine and slid it halfway up her thigh.

We continued to ki*s and I slowly, slowly made my way closer to her running shorts, hoping that she had not bothered to change at all since I last saw her. She made soft panting noises whenever our lips broke apart. As my hand traveled further up her thigh I wondered how close I could get. I felt the first contact with

the fabric of her shorts and realized I was an inch way from her pu**y. She ki**ed me harder, and bucked her hips forward, and my fingers made contact with her soft pubic hair.

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