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Living With Crazy Naughty Neighbors – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 13]

Living with crazy naughty neighbors

Living with crazy naughty neighbors

Living With Crazy Naughty Neighbors
Chapter 1

Few years after my NYSC, I decided to face Lagos to know if there is anything I can be doing to help myself. Meanwhile before I graduated, I’ve already learned how to paint houses, I can’t say am an expert but I my works described the talent in me on painting.

Before leaving Enugu to lag, I’v called my uncle leaving in Lagos to find self-contain room for me which he gave me feedback on, few weeks later.

Before I continue, lemme introduce myself 😎

My name is Henry, first son of my parents. I have 4 other siblings. Two girls and 2 boys. Am tall slim fair looking handsome guy. I got rid of girls matters After I got my very first heart-break.

Few days after receiving feedback from my uncle, I headed to lag. The journey was not that long like I expected.
I reached and decide to settle at my uncle’s house before lodging to my new apartment.

I was welcomed by his wife, Jane.
Unfortunately, my uncle was not around. He’s a driver. His wife find the work uncomfortable cus he hardly have time for her.

After taking my bath, we had our dinner and sat talking for a long time in cool of the evening in the veranda. I was in my shorts and no shirt as it was quite warm. She was sitting near my legs as I lied down. As we were talking she began to rub my hairy legs with her hands and I began to get hard. What did she think she’s doing 🤔 “Na like this e dey start” I said in my mind.

Her hands were rubbing me below the knees. But something got hold of me and I began to get a hard on. She went on continuing with the same gesture till she reached my thighs, rubbing me and feeling my hair on the legs.

As I was in an embarrassing situation I was trying to shake her hand of me, but she continued. She began to move her hand more and more above to my thighs and even below the hem of my shorts.

I just kept waiting to know her next move, is like its been long she had sex with her husband. She moved her hands further up and began to feel my balls. I was ram rod hard. She now moved her hands to my dick and began to feel its hardness.

Then I was forced to talk. I can’t keep quite any longer before it ends in “please hide my details”😂😂

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