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LITTLE DRUMMER BOY – Season 1 – Episode 9


Who knew relationships were so hard. As in, no one told me that it was this hard, I went to the bank the other day and we were asked to stand in a cue. There was a shawty in front of me, now she was fine, I mean top to bottom smoking in all directions. She had that ass and them boobs to complement. Initially she smiled at me and I returned the smile, then people in front started pushing back and she started grinding me there and then. There is no temptation greater, now two things were involved, either we go somewhere quiet and do the needful immediately, or we could simply exchange contacts and hook up later. But what did I do??? I stepped out of the line, went out of the bank, and then, I looked for another bank to do my business. It was hard I tell you, but I did it.

We were heading toward one year in our relationshipand like play like play, senior man neva carry eye see bani wey him go carry catch cruise, hmm, I just deythere dey avoid all of them like sey them be corona virus. I started feeling pity for myself, but whenever I think of why I do it, I get a certain level of joy. I was content with the girl I was dating, she kinda brought me closer to the big man upstairs and I was finally becoming a genuine Christian. My performances became more spiritual and my performances started touching lives. I was happy, although I was pissed that I couldn’t have sex, but I was happy.

After a year of dating this wonderful being, she took me to her mother. Now her mom was what you would call a typical Ijaw woman, she asked so many questions about me, about us, about my job, and about my intentions. She scared the shit out of me but if Icould give up on pre-marital sex, then I could face this. In the end she was just looking out for her daughter, she wanted the best for her and I did too. She gave us her blessings and so, I started courting her. We were happy, I was happy; as a matter of fact I was glad to have met her. The wedding came fast, preparations were on their way, guests were being taken into consideration and venues were being checked. All was good for the time being.

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