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LITTLE DRUMMER BOY – Season 1 – Episode 8


After the Ebimo’s last visit I started thinking to myself. There are so many sayings about love these days. How love is sacrificial, how it is not lust, how it is patient and all that bullshit, I didn’t believe it even a bit. How do you proclaim to love someone and later bang her sister without a second thought, why would a marriage that was said to have been formed on the basis of love fall simply because the man could not provide the heavens for his wife? I saw all these and concluded that there was no love. It was a simple fairytale girls told themselves to create a space of joy in their lives.

But then I learned the truth, if you love someone, you would do nothing to offend that person, you would control your urges, you would cherish and respect the bon you both share. I knew this now, and thing became quite hard. I would occasionally get calls from old hook ups saying they wanted to see me; I had to block all their numbers, most of them sent pictures of their breasts and some even sent full nudes. I had to delete and block them all. I wanted things to be perfect with victory and I wasn’t taking any chances.

On a Friday I took victory out and we went to Ella’s creamy, a little joint in Yenagoa, I told her everything about my sexual life, all the girls I had sex with, all the choristers I banged and how I moved from church to church bending different girls over. I even told her about Ebimo and what happened in the hotel. I told her I had feelings for her and I would try my best to change for her, she smiled, and accepted, and I was happy. After she accepted, she told me she was a virgin and didn’t plan on having sex until marriage. Now in my mind, it was finished. Me that will see woman and follow, me that will fuck the brains out of different girls and would still have the energy to go further, how??????

I had to control my urges, until I was married to this girl. I know I had feelings for her, but to not have a brief moment of sex for about 2 or 3 years, haba!!!!!!!! Na die be that oooo, but for her sake I was willing to try. I was willing to change because of her.

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