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LITTLE DRUMMER BOY – Season 1 – Episode 7


Ebimo was a graduate of the Niger Delta University where she studied Theatre Arts. After her graduation she had looked for a job but nothing was forthcoming. She then became a small time event planner, she would organize birthday parties, dedications, and all weresmall events. After some years she worked under a very prominent event planner that saw potential in her and linked her up with high ranking individuals. She has been out of school for 12 years and she was doing well for herself.

Victory and Ebimo met each other during their undergraduate days at the Niger Delta University. Victory would attend some carnivals in the school and Ebimo was always one of those who planned the event, they eventually met and became fund of each other. Victory would organize drum events and Ebimo would organize the event in a way that people would always want to come back for more. They were a good team; they were attracted by their female strengths.

While victory narrated the story of how they met and how amazing Ebimo was, I simply gazed, she gazed back and of the three of us only the both of us knew what had happened. Victory later left the house to run some errands and asked that we get to know each other more, there was a certain irony to that. When the coast was finally clear, Ebimo got up and sat beside me, we talked for a while, she asked what I did for a living and after explaining it to her; she laughed and told me that I was lying to her. For some reason, it was hard to believe that I was in my mid 20s and was enjoying life with no reasonable income source but drumming. She told me that she was interested in me, she didn’t want a one night stand or want us to be fuck buddies, and she wanted a relationship with me. Now I didn’t want that with her, it didn’t occur to me at the time but I was gradually falling in love with victory.

She tried to kiss me but I gently declined, then she started undressing. Something kicked in, I immediately held her hands and asked her to stop, I had lost all sexual interests in her. In my head all I could think was how would victory see me if she found out that I slept with her friend, I loved the way we vibed and I didn’t want anything to compromise that.

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